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WE DON’T NEED ROADS EVENT – Hill Climb Racing 2 Walkthrough Gameplay

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Moon jump event! gameplay walkthrough with police bike and BUS!

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  1. จิตราพร ปราบภัย says:


  2. ☯ [SN] Gentou Kisaragi Taijiya López HCR2☯ says:

    Super awesome vereshchak

  3. My jump is very loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  4. Oh vereschack I have scored first time 450 m with hill climber with level 2 thrusters in this event

  5. ✨God is coming soon! Repent & turn away from ur sins & u will be forgiven! Accept him and u will be saved🥰

  6. Подскажите пожалуйста, как поставить смайлик в ник)

  7. I finished the event thanks for the tip what vehichle to choose thanks again

  8. Fun fact: throwing off all the nerds in ur bus makes it lighter!

  9. My best record 502 meters with superbike in jump 4 track

  10. Do you enjoy gaming Im Just curious Also love your videos

  11. Vereshchak lets talk in Discord 😈 Bus i get 8 and 9 x2 mostly

  12. I saw you on my account Final

  13. I like how Vereshchak is a legend at this and is always placing 1st on events 😎😁

  14. I have unloked moonlander i have 300 points this time

  15. (Dumb question) when you go upside-down in the bus what does it do

  16. Hello vereshchak your a good youtuber I like your channel and putting nice videos your telling us to every event how to do 😍😍

  17. I like how you shake the passengers off the bus. HERE'S YOUR STOP

  18. I made 2 account and both legendary accounts are gone when ever i uninstall and install it again and login with same accout to play it create a new account😩😰

  19. I got 522m with superbike on track 4 with turbo, afterburner, wings.

  20. I play on this event with you, i have screenshot!!!

  21. Jump 4, try superbike! I'm curious how far you can go!!)

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