TOP Extreme Truck Hill CLIMB Race -

TOP Extreme Truck Hill CLIMB Race

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All the best of Truck Offroad Hill Climbing! Raw footage without music, just the sound of raw horsepower! Tatra 6×6, 8×8, Praga V3S… Next MONSTERs are here:
Závod do vrchu při truck trialu Mohelnice.


  1. А чё обязательно в колею?

  2. Хоть бы один колёса стравил.

  3. Weird Comment Section full of americans trying to reason that power would have gotten them up the hill. THATS NOT THE POINT. Every awd vehicle with enough momentum could make it up that hill. Instead its about precision, and getting your torque down. Every single one of these trucks could start halfway up that hill and try again, meanwhile your powered rollcages would do a backflip back town to level ground because they have way to much power.

    Edit: I do also want to add, that the Tatra 813 6×6 was capable of towing trailers weighing 100 tonnes with 290 bhp through rough terrain, something you americans coulndt match with that amount of power even in your wildest dreams

  4. I'm pretty sure my Tacoma could make this hill.

  5. Да я туда на своей четырке залечу

  6. If they didn’t have a 3’ rut at the top they might make it

  7. Mathematical errors of the organizing committee .let a boat a try

  8. A rock bouncer would be up that in 3 seconds 🤣🤣🤣

  9. im dissapointed in these heavy duty machinery

  10. so much for wheels…i could walk up that hill in a pair of flip flops.

  11. what's fun in watching trucks get high centered?

  12. SHERP Russian drove here easily, and not like all these suckers

  13. Love the trucks Fallow me on Instagram guys @buba_dan official 357

  14. Шишига бы залетела на изи

  15. Is it just me, or are the spectators a lil too close in the event of one of these flipping/rolling out of control?

  16. No one makes it cause the whole thing is dig out from tire spinning

  17. would be better if they'd let that last one up sooner to smooth the rut out for some of the others.

  18. would be alot better if they had good engines instead of ragged out pieces of shit

  19. It seems like this became impossible once the hole was dug into the track

  20. No one made it over this competition was shit

  21. I like the sound of the clapping, for some reason it seems out of place at such a hardcore event

  22. Pas plus grave et honteux que cette inconscience brute !!!

  23. Je pense que s'il y en avait qui avait l'idée de mettre deux roues sur le milieu du chemin et les autres roues sur le côté gauche , il pourrait monter avec plus de facilité .
    Le problème c'est tu peux tout le monde empreinte la même trajectoire et creuse une tranchée de plus en plus profonde ce qui fait que personne n' arrivera au sommet .

  24. Зачем мучить технику? Не получается ехать вверх, спускайтесь вниз! Чего ото выпендриваться?

  25. наш бы камаз дакаровский бы залетел туда

  26. да они сами себя не тянут .

  27. А Нива заехала бы !

  28. In America we don’t call that a hill we call that a jump. Y’all need to get some horsepower. Torque is good But it’s not much without horsepower.

  29. I think you need a better run at it, LOL. I couldn't imagine watching this even in person.

  30. Con una Panda 4×4 vai su tranquillo, tananai!

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