Top 5 fastest cars in Hill Climb Racing -

Top 5 fastest cars in Hill Climb Racing

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Hi guys!

Today, in this video I will show you the top

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5 fastest cars in hill climb racing.

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  1. Bro my favorite car is mutant it can change shape. 😍

  2. What's your favourite vehicle's name
    If you answer it then i will share this video with 5 peoples for you

  3. Thank you for your comment i will share this video with my friends now

  4. And please find a mod for free fire
    It should be of low mb ok thank you 😘
    Please find this type of mod for us.
    If will you will do it for us then give a like.

  5. Not fastest hot rod 0 lvl is the best or garage, race car + electric zap + monster is the best

  6. Trophy truck is best of all for me

  7. Where is the electric car . it also have high level of speed.

  8. super off road isn't fast i bought it and its slower than an average car

  9. Bhai itne coin kese collect kiya 😫🙏🙏💓 please batao please replay me Or vedio banao

  10. I think the best all-rounder car is either rally car or dune buggy

  11. Checked how much money you need to fully upgrade some cars. The rally is only like 6 mil coins in order to max upgrade. The race car is close to 5 million or soaccording to reddit.

  12. My fav is bike on moon i earn money SOOOOOO fast by backfliping.And even get awards like back flipper

  13. I prefer monster truck.
    Good for all conditions except moon

  14. The super fast vehicle is hot Rod

  15. Monster truck in highway full upgrade 5046 record my

  16. My record 9300m with super offroad in highway 🛣️

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