Top 5 Bike Racing Games For PC, Xbox One and PS4 2020 -

Top 5 Bike Racing Games For PC, Xbox One and PS4 2020

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Ride4, TT Isle of Man 2, MotoGP 20, Trials Rising or MXGP 20 – there are multiple bike racing games out and we take a closer look at our top five. This video should give you some insights of these games and help you to decide which game you wanna play next.

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  1. You need to work on your T's mate try listening to yourself

  2. MotoGP is really good but you will hate it for the first few years until you learn

  3. Is there free ride in ride 4 and motocross game??

  4. 1.TT Isle of Man 2 Ride On The Edge2. MXGP 20203. Trials rising4. Moto GP edit: 2020

  5. Motogp 2020 on ps4 is pretty cool but it is a little broken the sound isn't the best

  6. Really must have taken the time to review the games.. Isle of Man 2 has 3 categories not 3 manufacturers. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Norton etc are all in the game.

  7. If this is your real voice keep going you will accomplish that goal one day. And m not a bot 🤣 point to b noted

  8. The worst voice over ever! Also stop calling them drivers. They are riders and it even said it on the screen when you said driver aids. They are rider aids – people ride motorbikes!

  9. I want a game where I can lift up the bikes

  10. When he showed mxgp 2020 i quit the video. Fock outta here man

  11. Ride 4?? Dude… The game sucks…
    They only remake DLC from old versions… And don't even give them to you if you already have does bikes in other game versions…
    There is a lot of game problems.. and you can not go to full simulation….The game just wont let you…It feels more like an arcade game… I have the game… DON'T BUY IT. Until they fix the gameplay…

  12. Notice he only talks about graphics not physics with the milestone motocross games

  13. Road Rash games for PS1 probably most fun two wheels experience for me, "3D" and "Jailbreak" still hold up today!

  14. can anyone give me recomendation of the best gameplay motocross game available now?

  15. Ride 4 is…..😭😭😭so difficult to play, but the graphics are holy🤩

  16. can someone please help me. i cant find a bike racing game that had graphics and tracks like motogp games and in which u can wheelie please if someone has any idea please help

  17. I've been eyeballing moto gp for a few years as a starting point to jump into moto sim racing. I've been itching to try it out but reluctant to just do it.

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