TOP 5 BEST VEHICLES - Hill Climb Racing -

TOP 5 BEST VEHICLES – Hill Climb Racing

Oleg Racer
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Top 5 Best Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing

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  1. I made it 15,678 km from northpole using big finger!!!

  2. super offroad is beast until it loses its tail 😅😅

  3. The best part while driving dragester is after dropping it's extra load

  4. I don't trust this list anymore the dragster fucking sucks and this list is saying its good

  5. Só lendas jogaran esse jogo quem jogou esse da um like

  6. The kiddie Express? I always thought that is the worst

  7. Quad Bike is also amazing. Even at low levels, it has amazing speed, but a little hard to control.

  8. To get money get the moon map becasue the air time

  9. Hack kar ke dikhta ha saale mene bhi Hack kari thi are hi ho raha dha

  10. Ummmm, hey do you know what's the background music called?

  11. World best vehicle in hill climb racing is big finger

  12. 𓁹Starecrown𓇽✞︎𓇽Demon✞︎Soul𓁹 says:

    mutant best

  13. Kiddie express on 2 and moon lander on 1 🤔 idiotic

  14. There's no point in buying the moonlander, it's too easy

  15. Put some respecc on the super diesel mane

  16. OMG the last part of the video had me wow that map i me going to download the game

  17. Hot Rod Father of All Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 💪

  18. I like fire trucks I am fan of it

  19. Monster Truck is good too! It's speed is vry fast n can climb big hills even it's 2nd cheapest car after motorcross bike!

  20. And this entire time I was playing with max blue bike and race car 😒

  21. שלום ואהבה איפה אתה דוד says:

    Its nice game i love that but we can really finish one world? Or maybe always be next level?

  22. Who else made 16000km in dessert using Super Off-road? Is it just me?

  23. Me hago cuello Ana julen quebrada cada dos por tres y me quedo más pozos que el bustabrazzers

  24. Se queda el puto pozo como valegui con las tripas reventadisimas por Miguel harinas

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