The Weird World Of Hill Climb Racing -

The Weird World Of Hill Climb Racing

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Hill climbing is a lung busting form of uphill bike racing, an individual time trial that challenges you to overcome gravity and gradient for victory. It’s a niche seasonal discipline of cycling with UCI illegal bikes that is growing more popular with cyclists across the world, but has a long history in Britain. Jon dived into the weird world of hill climbs at the 2019 British National Championships.

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  1. @john cannings – Hey john, always a great video bro. What about other countries? Does the US or Japan or [ fill in the blanks ] have these types of groups? You could do a "John Cannings circles the globe" GCN special!

  2. This video does a great job, quite by accident, of advocating for removing power meters from races.

  3. Love a hill climb mow cop though still makes me shudder

  4. what a positive atmosphere coming through!

  5. Si and/or Ollie. Of course Jermomy would be great.

  6. Dan should saddle up for the hill climb…. Only because that beer afterwards would be so well deserved.

  7. Awesome video Jon. I love your enthusoism. Here in Andorra this is our bread and butter. Our open championships is a mass start inline 16km UP! The finishing line at the Arcalís ski station (yep you'll recognise that name) is at 2200m. And we regularly organise hill climbs and don't call them hill climbs, just time trials. How about the 13km Fontaneda side of the Gallina as an example? It is a climb even the pros who live here only do if they really have to! So a 6.2% average, 5km climb… well Jon, it is a merely a gentle warm up!

  8. Haha, Mr Boom….. a new nickname for Rapid Rich.


  9. Fun to see. Maybe next time a report on the Dutch National Headwind Championships?

  10. Love videos about the British hill climb season. Love if there’d be a similar scene here in Germany.

  11. secret to hill climb is firstly have proper gear ratios for the climb you trying to do. If you can't hold 90rpm you need easier gears.
    Secondly just do the climb at 50% perceived effort. Then 55%, then 60% etc. Now you have learned how to ride a climb easy you can add in more intensity over the weeks/months and this way you learn how climb slower or faster.

  12. Sheesh, 59kg and aiming for 430w 9mins, that’s just unreal

  13. If you want weird, you guys should do a story on Bicycle Speedway!

  14. casual hill climbs are bloody good fun though xD an get that bloke with the puffy legs to give it a whirl lol

  15. And then you have the dutch championship headwindriding

  16. Well guys, it's so strange to hear that hillclimb races are considered so wierd in the Uk! In Italy we have a lot of CTT events, and are like the "basic step" for italian cyclists… Usually we have two kind of CTT races: the classic ones, like the one you described in the video, and the "Mediofondo" or "Cicloturistiche" "con salita cronometrata": like a classic road bike race, from 70 to 100 km, but with only one competitive segment, that is a climb TT. Funny, cheep and good for every kind of cyclist!

  17. I think Jon, Olie and Lasty. 😁👍🤘🚴‍♂️

  18. Is that guy the one that we see on the dream build series quite often

  19. I'd love to watch Ollie's pain face on that hill climb next year XD

  20. 🔥🔥🔥
    🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️
    1:09 💚💟

  21. Ollie should enter the 2020 hill climb championship, he did it with his previous job…

  22. 07:33 was no pain face from the guy in the helmet 😉 the guy next to him had a 'pain face' 👍😎

  23. Would love to hill race. Reverse course though as im 5ft 8inches and thats pushing the truth somewhat and 80kg!!!
    I can beat most if the climb is under 1 minute, but behond that I progressively get slower and slower.

    Have minimal bodyfat so doesn't matter how hard I train I cant seem to loose any more weight. If anything my legs get bigger and I get heavier. Im just not designed for the hills.
    But I keep donning the spandex and find a decent hill to embarrass myself on

  24. This was very interesting! I love climbing hills!

  25. My dad was a hill climber in his day. Apparently he was good to. Unfortunately I wasn’t born too watch him.

  26. I won state title for hill climb as a junior. I remember my heart rate a average was 202 bpm 2007 Mt. Hood. I think it is time to go back up.

  27. Someone please create hill climbing race for MBT.

  28. This was a poorly made video. Just a bunch of people talking about the event, but it never actually shows the event. Overuse of slow motion, too. (And the word 'brilliant.')

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