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I got an early look at the new Bikeout 4 map in Descenders, and it is by far the craziest one so far! Huge thanks to RageSquid for sending me the new update early. It releases on steam on October 28, look out for it! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Ha ha you have to pay for a hole in your wall

  2. I notice that the sweater he is wearing is from his music channel

  3. I need all the Oh nO gReat..
    I don’t know where I’m gO mY that was like a fan loop

  4. You should make a video where you do all four bike outs

  5. Bryanames did it first try in the red spin things

  6. Keep the voice the same so it doesn't sound like a chipmunk🤣🤣

  7. I like this episode of descenders and the intro was cool to

  8. I play that game I did the lvl s better than Sam I never thought I could

  9. I love how the one normal fall he kills himself

  10. How does a shooting thinking put your cow in the finish line Mr. Sam bro tabor

  11. Who else watched simply Chris and ctop do this map

  12. His vids are so funny 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. I was stuck on the ramp after the fans and the red, tube things and got stuck so I came here to see how to do it and it saved me thank you God Sam tabor

  14. I wonder what the intro would be

  15. The creepy blue eyed “monster” in the background also greatest intro ever

  16. I forgot how to place markers but I did it all in 1

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