STOP'N GO NEW EVENT - Hill Climb Racing 2 Walkthrough Gameplay -

STOP’N GO NEW EVENT – Hill Climb Racing 2 Walkthrough Gameplay

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Hill Climb Racing 2 – Pitstop event! With the best vehicles SUPERBIKE, SUPER CAR, FORMULA and HOT ROD walkthrough gameplay

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  1. A mí no me gustó este evento me gusta más el evento de dónde había el auto de rally la turbo diesel el súper auto y la super moto y te ponían las piezas de más monedas mas combustible el de bidón de combustible el del la potencia tras súper salto y te las ponían al máximo

  2. You are a legendary gamer I am your fan bro I will like your video

  3. verechak can you get me to your team and cane you send you send your phone number

  4. Hi Vereshchak I'm Your Biggest Fan I saw You Playing Stop And Go Event today I was Playing As Master I was So Happy ! After Seeing Your Name While I was Racing In Game I love Your Videos

  5. You know Vereshchak I finished my event already, did you?

  6. ok i changed my mind about the new channel srry

  7. I got 500 in the first hour it started, my gem balance is low now😔

  8. I played this Game and i like and your physic of hcr2


  10. Hi Vereshchak, Where did you get the PIT CREW skin? How to get it?) Waiting for an answer 😉

  11. I am lucky to play with you on stop n go

  12. Division 2 team looking for new members, must have 4000gp or higher. Must do team events! Join Rough Riders™ today!!

  13. Why there was 0004 why
    YouTube was fucken for using that 0004

  14. Юра, задолбал со своей рекламой своих шмоток, в челноки подался???)

  15. I played it and in one, I faced both Linus and Zorro in one game only.

  16. Vereshchak please accept my challenge and plz make a video to learn the technique of hill climber for race(jump shock,landing boost and glider)

  17. I can do with my landing boost all cars

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