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RTTC 2016 National Hill Climb Championship

Cycling Time Trials
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CTT’s Official Video of this year’s Championship in Matlock Derbyshire.

Adam Kenway (Metaltek Kuota RT) and Lou Bates (Veloschils Interbike RT) took the honours – both first time champions.


  1. They should do a hill climbing where bikes must be in the range of 8kg-8.7kg

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    suki suki daisuki
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    kira kira rin ☆
    kimi to minna ireba watashi tte zettai muteki
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    suki suki daisuki
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    kira kira rin ☆

  3. What size gear are the guys on the fixies riding? I see the defending champ was on fixed. Nice deux chevaux near the finish.

  4. Some rider's aren't wearing helmets.They should be compulsory.

  5. Since this is the national championships, do you have to be entered through winning regional events or do you just enter? Thanks

  6. It's so sad to be using a turbo trainer before an event like this!

  7. A brilliant video – nothing is missed out and it is compelling all the way through.

  8. How is the timekeeper at the top know when the cyclist at the bottom starts. How do they do it?

  9. that 3rd kid didnt start too hard, better time than the first two

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