Road Rash ⭐ Early Pre-Release Demo -

Road Rash ⭐ Early Pre-Release Demo

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Road Rash is a series of motorcycle racing games developed by Electronic Arts since 1991, in which you participate in violent illegal street races. Orgininally released for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, it has been ported to several platforms like Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, 3DO, and – of course – Microsoft Windows on the PC.

In this video, you can see an early pre-release demo of the PC version, which has been done in 1996.


  1. When I'm 6 years old I used to play this game 😌

  2. Ip played this when i was 1st std
    Wonderful days ✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️🥺🥺

  3. i used to play this when i was 5 gives very nostalgic feeling

  4. All Indian have violated the copyrights act to play this game…Lmao

  5. Bruh anyone knows how to play it without downloading

  6. This game was legendary but do anyone remember a game in which there was a helicopter like thing which used to cross a square land which consisted of balls and then divided that square and if there were no balls in that divided portion that would cover up the whole portion.

  7. I started to play this game since 2010 and now also i am playing it

  8. Now its September 2021
    I know i played this game last 9years ago Means 2012 🥺

    Now i remember this master piece ❤️

  9. who remembers those movie type animations after each race

  10. I played it in my smallest age nd i love it..❤️😁🔥

  11. I played this demo so many times that I can now confidently play it blindfolded!

  12. Enjoyed this game… My frnd used to ride and i used to kick and punch 😂😂😂 those were the days 😂😂😂 not to forget glitches 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. The happiness we used to get playing roadrash, moto gp 10 to 12 years ago won't get it playing these old games today.

  14. alonealonealonealonealonealonealonealone dead line says:

    Mera school Main computer lab main sab friends a game khel mhuje koi Bi game khel nahi day te

  15. Does anyone know what's the soundtrack played in this video?

  16. I played 4-5 pc games in my childhood like Road rash, nfs most wanted, spiderman,delta force ,prince of Persia and igi..and this is one of my favourite..i played every day almost 1-2 hours and in Sunday's 3-4 hours

  17. Used to play this game like 13 years ago. Good days..

  18. This is what we call " Humare Zamaane ka Game"! 😂

  19. i hate sam, chino,felix,jim,and jon.. ronda and mike and boss

  20. I played this game about 10 years ago. It was my favorite game. It was suddenly deleted one day.

  21. They can change the graphic but not the physics

  22. maine 5 sall pehle bohot khelta tha…aur mere bhai aur mere jhagde hote the khelne ke liye …aise 3 pc hmne pani dalkr gusse me kharab kr diye….bad me pappa ne nhi laya😂😂😭😭

  23. Those graphics used to look so realistic back then

  24. I remember we used to fall of at the end and finish the game by running 😂

  25. I remember my nephew bought me this game, and we speed alot of time playing it Good Ol dayz

  26. I hate this version they removed all soundgardern soundtrack and cutscenes just a boring racing game it used to be fun in ps, 3do,saga genesis.

  27. kids always remember to delete the car file in the game folder so that cars wont appear

  28. The age old dilemma between hitting the cops and every other racer vs actually trying to win the race always had me in two minds. Sometimes if other racers managed to make me fall off my bike I would abandon trying to win the race and just try to get back at the racer for the entire race. Fun careless days 🥲

  29. Everytime I stood up first 😭 still miss this one 💔

  30. Good oId days when i was playing it on a potato PC

  31. I had this very demo many many years ago! So much memories.

  32. The most loved part was to steal the chain or the stick and then beat others.

  33. 😂😂 many of memories joint to this game….

  34. I'm feeling glad now to spend my childhood playing some masterpiece games including Road-Rash❤️

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