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Ride Slower… To Climb FASTER “Cycling Tip”

Cycle Jockey
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An often overlooked aspect of training, is that often times to get faster. You need to spend more of your training time, riding slower. For additional content follow me on Facebook & Strava at the links below.


  1. okay great advice…..my max heart rate is 186…..so do you suggest keep max heart rate at 150 for me i ride a lot 4 rides per week atleast…….and also i spin at 95 rpm when i climvbes last my average HR was 149 and i ws in easy gear as well…..

  2. That's right. I have been riding slow in the off season for years, I am 63, started racing at 17–but stopped for sometime before returning to racing in my 40's, now I am retired.

  3. Or as we do in San Francisco traverse the hill.

  4. Thanks for the advice I went out yesterday and used it and felt much better when I came back and didn’t lose too much on the average time. The climbs didn’t burn me out either.

  5. why am I also get exhausted watching you

  6. Great tip. When I ride with a buddy every hill is a competition. But when I'm solo I slow it waaaay down.

  7. I am the opposite. I like to ride at endurance and tempo pace, but dont like treshold and vo2max intervals… 🙂 thats why I didnt get significantly faster since years. If you alwways go slower, you hit the plateau and no further progression, until you start involve real intensity into your workouts

  8. Great tip, a lot of people including myself go out and smash it way too often solely because of ego and Strava. We often forget that we also need to work our cardiovascular system in order to make improvements out on the bike. Keep it up.

  9. good tip man. Super easy to overtrain. One of the most important thing I learned when I got a power meter was that I was riding way too hard on easy days.

  10. great tips cj. learning to dial back this year has been on my list. glad you vloged it

  11. look no further than horse racing to give you a rough idea of how many times we can empty ourselves on our bikes. Horses generally race 5 to 7 times per year if they are any good. Horse trainers are a master of their art.
    Being near or in a state of peak performance is an unhealthy state to be in.

  12. Exactly! If your always taking hills at a power level above your FTP then your not working aerobic fitness your working anaerobic fitness. And not to say that you never want to do that but not every time you go at a hill. Or an interval.

  13. If you are that out of breath pushing 180watts you are not fit enough to give any advice about how to get fit cycling

  14. What's grade of hill in video?

    Thanks for sharing…

  15. Yep. I'm a Trainer-Road (TR) junkie in the winter. As the weather improves I add LSD rides and decease my indoor intervals appropriately. This "reverse periodization" works really well for me.

  16. Amen. Don't go hard alllllll the time. That's why I like to ride by myself sometimes so that I am not riding someone else ride or I have to stay discipline on the ride, which could be harder when riding on a club ride. I told myself this season that I would do more solo rides for this very reason.

  17. The hardest part is to take it easy and slow. 80%easy and the rest intervals. Than while you race the real smash comes without even feeling it. Than you will love what you are doing.

  18. One of the things I heard this year being said by some riders on the TDF…cycling up hill a little slower, but having lots of legs left as you crest…and repeat…been trying that method…working like a charm..see the hills as more mastered now..

  19. no pain no gain bitches ! take it easy when you do the solo ride ….climbing the hill
    Is not a easy thing …m a 189 lbs and it takes time

  20. Long, slow rides are like putting money in the bank.

  21. You didn’t really explain your point. You just alluded to it. Can you explain clearly how much time to spend in the zones.

  22. Good advice mate 👍 I think it's good to understand the sensations your body produces, when the legs start to burn I know I have tipped from aerobic into anaerobic and back off, sounds simple I know

  23. So good to never overstrain too often & hurt heart.. Long and slow, cardo fat burner regularly..
    1x – 3x hours a day chilled, mix it up, flats & hills

  24. I find it difficult to ride easily in the city. It's okay on the wide straights but you sometime need to blast it merging and leaving a roundabout. City is lots of variable power – it's how I got fit – natural interval training! I do like to pootle down long flat bike paths at 12-15 mph at a 60 rpm cadence though too.

  25. This is the reasons why I train on my endurance rides alone.and maintain a consistent pressure on the pedal stroke for the whole ride. Once I discussed this with an ex swimmer and was told that when she was training it was technique and maintaining the same consistency through out, She also said her squad never trained at their race speed.But try telling this to your mates who just go hard every time and just wanna jump on every wheel that passes them.

  26. too much breathing bro…. no need to hear you sniffffff.

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