Racing a 5.1kg Bespoke Hill Climb Bike -

Racing a 5.1kg Bespoke Hill Climb Bike

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In part 2 we find out how our resident hill climb fanatic Joe Norledge got on with his custom fixed gear Engineered Bikes build.

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  1. What is the manufacturer of the wheel bolts and washers?

  2. Use Calculus and integrate the goddamn rage. So you figure out how much time the gear performs outside of the optimum.

  3. I tried fixed gear for about 4 months after I ride a geared bike again, I can confirm that riding fixed will improve your pedaling is just total Crap. My pedaling was pretty fucked when i came back to a geared bike

  4. I award this "The Best Informational Cycling Video on the Internet" Congratulations! No b.s., no disguised sales pitch, full explanations. Thank you!

  5. Hi, wich gear ratio Is it? wich rim size?

  6. I just couldn't ride a Fixie. Was single speed not an option?

  7. Can someone explain the bike frame choice? You can get lighter, stiffer more aero frames for probably less cost. Why slap so many expensive after market components onto a heavy non aero frame?

    Is it a commitment to retro frame machining?

  8. I know this is kind of a late comment, but why did it have to be fixed gear to save weight when it couldve been a single speed with freehub instead?

  9. I think the reason your pedaling suffered is because you were using such a small crank ring the whole time. Riding 43/46/50 has definitely made me more efficient on Road Bike pedalling.

  10. Single speed on a freewheel? Definitely my preferred way to ride single speed.

  11. Would you like to come to Costa Rica and try a Climb? We do
    have a very nice resident hill climb called Monte del Aguacate 🙂

  12. Why not make it a single gear? Then the decent would be a breeze.

  13. that is a damn sweet looking rig for sure.

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