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Extreme ATV Hill Climbing was one of my favorite things to do growing up. So when I heard there was going to be a ATV hill climb competition at Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee I was pumped! ATV Hill climb racing is a test of man and machine. This group of hill climb quads range from 2 stroke to big bore 4 stroke and were ready to do battle on the Bikini Bottoms Hill Climb. Let us know in the comments what you think of this Extreme Hill Climb.

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  1. You gotta stand and lean all weight up the hill all the guys that didn't make it are just sitting down like there on a smooth trail

  2. Quads attract fat out of shape people almost as much as side by sides do

  3. Dang at fist I thought nobody was gonna be able to get up there I was thinking they should probably put TOYO OPEN COUNTRY tires on

  4. I've studied dudes form .I watched this video close to 150 times.dude is serious skill .it's hard to see because he makes it look to easy

  5. That's what the most powerful ATV's are meant for.

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  7. I'LL BETCHA A 1984 HONDA CR 480R Elsinore with paddle tire COULD Make that ""Hill climb" easy….

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  9. The banshee was just spinning wayyy too much couldn't make it up. Those 2 strokes are just too powerful and violent to get traction on this kinda surface, and don't make enough low end torque

  10. Trick to this is…. I noticed all the 450 guys and Banshee guys are just letting their engines scream. The faster your wheels spin the more your tires dig in and spin out and loose traction. What I would do and have done Start in 2nd gear off the limiter and try to get to 3rd gear as i first start up any hill and what that does is bog my motor down when I first hit the bottom of the hill. The 700' is not revving as high and "making loads more torque of course too" but the tires are not spinning as fast as the 450's do. 450's will rev over 10k rpms all day the 700 is revving at 7000 maybe 8000 if that and the wheels are spinning may 50 mph mac as the 450's are spinning at 70 80 mph

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