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POLICE BIKE RACING GAMES #Free Bike Games To Play #Motorbike Racing Game Download #Games For Android

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POLICE BIKE RACING GAMES #Free Bike Games To Play #Motorbike Racing Game Download #Games For Android




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Ride powerful police bikes and chase criminals out of your city..
Feel like a real cop on a real police motorbike! Play the latest police motorbike driving simulator game!
Police Bike Racing Free is an action packed, super exciting police and thief chasing simulator game.

Be the fastest police bike rider with no speed limits! Police Bike Racing Free has a garage full of the most powerful cop motorbikes. View a range of police bikes in the garage, each with it’s own powerful features!

Police Bike Racing Free has an exciting Challenge Mode. Drift, jump, Nitro boost, chase and crash into the thief bikes and cars to throw them off the road.
You can even choose to patrol around the big city in the Patrolling Mode. Explore amazing locations around the open world city in a cop bike and keep it free of crime.

Complete levels and different missions to earn money and purchase new police bikes with exciting upgrades. Each bike is more powerful than the other, with many exciting features.

Exciting FEATURES of Police Bike Racing Free
– Huge open world with wide open roads
– Powerful police bikes to choose from
– Dynamic camera angles
– Challenge mode
– Patrolling mode
– Stunning 3D graphics
– Smooth and realistic police bike handling
– Realistic game physics
– Endless patrolling game mode
– Realistic police siren

Police Bike Racing Free will let you be the cop you always wanted to be! Turn on the loud police siren, race through the highway traffic and catch the bad guys! This police bike simulator game is perfect for all ages and is a good stress buster.

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