Bike games -

Bike games

Do you want to ride as fast as you can? And perform different stunts on the way? Unfortunately, traffic rules don’t allow it. But in the virtual world, everything is possible. Play bike games and get carried away by the sense of freedom. We have prepared a selection of the best adventures. Choose any and welcome to the reality where only your speed matters.

Hold the Wheel Tight

What unites bike games into one group? They give you a chance to be in the skin of a crazy driver. There is nothing you can’t do, exploring the map. Different routes with steep hills and challenges lure you to try them. Gun the engine to skyrocket into the air and fly over objects. Or slow down to avoid traps. In short, use your intuition and driving skills.

To control your character, press arrows or WASD. Usually, you are respawned automatically if you fall. Or just follow the instructions, which pop up on the screen. For example, it can be Space. Click it to come back to life.

Bike Games: Tracks

The diversity of routes is the main jewel of these titles. Developers made sure that they are unpredictable and unique. Get primed for bumpy roads filled with objects. They only exist to make you lose. Sharp blades will tear your wheels apart. Moving and spinning items won’t leave you a chance to survive. Do you have what it takes to win? Hone your skills and conquer new levels.

The more experience you get, the easier it will seem. Was it a good ride? Get a reward in the form of bonuses. Was it a bad one? Well, be prepared to be left with nothing. Sometimes, you collect points while driving. Or there is the scoring at the end of the round. The amount depends on your timing. Speed comes with practice.

Why Care about Points?

There are two possible reasons:

  1. Just to know your progress. Being able to perform better with each new try makes you believe in your abilities. Besides, compare your results with your mates and show off your achievements.
  2. Spend them in shops! It is the most interesting part for many players. They save in-game currency to buy new skins and vehicles. Better characteristics and outlook make you even more involved. And purchasing the most expensive one gives you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Good Experience. Pleasant Atmosphere

High-quality graphics and attention to detail contribute to the popularity of bike games. You do not only control your character. But also enjoy background landscapes that are drawn with precision. Even one adventure features a variety of beautiful pictures. Imagine what awaits you if you dare to challenge some of them. Do you feel like it?