New Power Record at the 2019 Red Bull Bay Climb -

New Power Record at the 2019 Red Bull Bay Climb

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11 W/Kg for 70 seconds still not enough to beat Aria, but good enough for 2nd.
No commentary, no analysis, no strategy, just FULL GAS for 70 seconds at a time. #redbullbayclimb

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  1. my heart rate peaks on 170 by only watching this

  2. I love these type of races because anyone can win no matter the gear as long as it’s light

  3. Can you guys recommend me what gear to use doing uphill if I have a 3×8 mtb?

  4. If only you'd aimed for fourth place in the first round you might have had just enough left in the tank in the final.

  5. incredible effort! what happened at the start? couldn't get clipped?

  6. 172 BPM after that, wow.. I have 190-195 after 1 minute of 4,5% uphill :D:D

  7. lol.. i thought it was alberto contador winning.

  8. Trek dude 100% blocked him into the other rider's ass on the second section in 1st climb

  9. That attack at the last part. 💪

  10. У меня колено заболело от просмотра этого видео

  11. I feel ting all over my body. When I see the rising heart rate before start.

  12. Just looking up from the start depresses me

  13. That's not really hill climbing, that sprinting up hill. Anaerobic. Different.

  14. Love how his heart rate is going up about 20 before even starting

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