New Power Record at the 2019 Red Bull Bay Climb -

New Power Record at the 2019 Red Bull Bay Climb

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11 W/Kg for 70 seconds still not enough to beat Aria, but good enough for 2nd.
No commentary, no analysis, no strategy, just FULL GAS for 70 seconds at a time. #redbullbayclimb

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  1. more impressive was the kid in the loose clothing able to keep up

  2. Bullshit on the watts…from your first heat to 3rd heat its almost 50watts more but only 1 second drop in time…where is your power profile?

  3. His watts went negative after he was put into ambulance.

  4. so many Watts the battery on my laptop charged watching this

  5. Ok, for my own peace of mind I'll just assume the power meter was off

  6. If one of tour de france guy is brought here, will they win?

  7. Hi guys, i am a road cyclist in tijuana baja california méxico.
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  8. Imagine for one heat each competitor must eat a full family sized pizza and 2 pints beer 🤦‍♂️🤣

  9. Your bikes have to be UCI legal? A flat bar roadbike, no bottle cages and no seat or stem seems like it would give you an advantage. Nice rides.

  10. I wish I could climb like that first guy. What gearing is he on?

  11. should’ve taken out the saddle and seatpost 😂

  12. "but there will be none bigger than the Red Bull Bay Climb"

    what a way to talk down the riders 😀

  13. Okay now I want to se Van Der Poel do this👍😂

  14. You need to work on that speed clipping into your left pedal.

  15. Love how his heart rate is going up about 20 before even starting

  16. That's not really hill climbing, that sprinting up hill. Anaerobic. Different.

  17. Just looking up from the start depresses me

  18. I feel ting all over my body. When I see the rising heart rate before start.

  19. У меня колено заболело от просмотра этого видео

  20. That attack at the last part. 💪

  21. Trek dude 100% blocked him into the other rider's ass on the second section in 1st climb

  22. lol.. i thought it was alberto contador winning.

  23. 172 BPM after that, wow.. I have 190-195 after 1 minute of 4,5% uphill :D:D

  24. incredible effort! what happened at the start? couldn't get clipped?

  25. If only you'd aimed for fourth place in the first round you might have had just enough left in the tank in the final.

  26. Can you guys recommend me what gear to use doing uphill if I have a 3×8 mtb?

  27. I love these type of races because anyone can win no matter the gear as long as it’s light

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