Mt. Washington Hill Climb (World's Hardest Climb) -

Mt. Washington Hill Climb (World’s Hardest Climb)

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12% average grade, 7.6mi, 4600+ feet of climbing. August 15th, 2015.


  1. Grats! What's the best time of year to do this climb? Is this an annual event?

  2. Where is the power data, would be interesting to see

  3. How do we know this is not fake or were all the other riders over the hill and old. Power output and speed don't seem to add up . Just wondering.

  4. Do you know your average horsepower output? It has to be crazy high.

  5. 198 bpm. I'd be blowing an o ring. Well done!!!!!

  6. You know it's bad when the grade drops to 9% and you say, "Ah! Sweet Relief!"

  7. looking at the heart rate…and i felt pain in my chest.

  8. Guy at 1:02 looked like he had one granny gear on the front. A 30, 32?

  9. Please, give me kml file for this track ….

  10. way to go! I may have missed the answer but, what gearing did you use?

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  12. what gearing is the best for that hills?

  13. this is excellent! one quick question…what type of monitoring system did you use on the bike to get all of your numbers ( HR, grade, etc)?

  14. I will be doing some hills in the city of folsom california and wanted to be able to measure just about everything that you show…

  15. Visual illusion it almost looks like you're going downhill from the camera angle. Hat's off to you and all the other riders, what a feat of endurance. The road I live on is roughly 12% grade in front of my house and I push the bike up it.

  16. Holy crap, that is one hell of a climb. I wonder what gearing most people were running…34 32? Hats off to you all!!

  17. i onced done a 5km(3.125 m)climb at an average gd of 8%.that was hell! well done, well done!! but i would not say its the hardest climb, look at some of the climbs in the grand tours. thers a lot. zoncalon, angliru. but well done.

  18. Well done man! Thx for sharing and thx a million for the inspiration and adding to motivation!
    George, an amateur cyclist from distant Hellas (the other side of the pond and then some).

  19. Yikes! Completely impressed – great job! Do you now have a "This Bike Climbed Mt. Washington" sticker on your bike? Must have been awesome going down 😛

  20. HOCKEYsnowHISTORYcamping MTB Cyclist says:

    👍👍👍💘💘💘🍦🍦🍦Thank you for seeing me !

  21. oh wow.. but you know what the good part is right? getting to ride it down as well hahaha

  22. I did Great river ride in Westfield MA..that seems to be trailer

  23. Must try Lahug – Brgy. Busay ,Cebu city, Philippines.

  24. Wow. Fantastic ride, man. You crushed it. Must have passed 200 riders on your way. And your sprint up the final 20+% grade was the stuff of legends. Well done!

  25. You sir are a fucking machine … outstanding effort and a fantastic motivational tool/video too mate ay … good one champ 👍👍🏽🇦🇺

  26. Totally impressive! Thanks for posting it.

    I wouldnt because the camera is extra weight. I'd take a leak before, shave my head, anything to not carry up that thing….who am I kidding. No way. I can't climb. I've lost a ton of weight and I'm strong, but still can't go when the roads go up.

  27. At a certain point the other cyclists would be wondering how I'm riding so well backwards 😃

  28. I don't know what amazes me more. The heart rate or the cadence. I got clammy hands just watching.

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