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Moto x3m

If you want to hear the purring of a powerful bike, welcome to Moto x3m. It is a whole set of high-quality games. They feature different seasons, locations, and characters. Try winter routes and avoid sliding. How about dangerous mountain paths? Aren’t you afraid of height? Or be a ninja driver and show what your master has taught you.

The simulator allows you to feel like a real speed demon in a helmet. Perform unbelievable stunts. Jump over dangerous traps. Ride where no one else dares. Are you ready to cut through the air and become the king of the road?

A Wild Mix: You Can’t Resist It

Who has never dreamt of driving an expensive sports bike? It is your chance now. Spring in the saddle of a high-end metal horse and explore maps. There are many levels to complete. Each one leaves you face to face with never-ending challenges. And some of them are really crazy. Check it out: you are on the bike, it is on a wooden tank. It carries you and then explodes. And you continue your journey. It is only a little glimpse at what awaits you! Explore every virtual toy and their wonders.

Moto x3m: Stunts that Kill

Everything your character does is dangerous. If you turn upside down, your vehicle blows up, and you die. It is not a tragedy in the on-screen world. Just tap Space and start from the nearest save point. Some turns and obstacles are so crazy that you need to try again and again. What kind of challenges will you meet?

  • Heaps of barrels. If you bump into them, you explode. So, hit the gas and fly over them.
  • Sharp blades. Their construction reminds mills with metal blades. They spin and take you down in pieces if you don’t jump high enough.
  • Platforms with explosives. Drive on them and – boom. They fall with you. If you fail to keep in the saddle, you start anew.

There are many other things that make the adventures so interesting. You can never predict what will happen to you next. In short, you have no chances of getting bored!

Why the Rush?

Your aim is to show the best timing results. After the round is over, you see a window. It shows the number of stars you receive. If you were good, you get all three of them. If it took you too long, you are left with nothing. Replay to win more bonuses. What for? To spend them in the shop and buy different bikes and characters.

If you want to know more, play Moto x3m. Enjoy the thought-out background of the games. Be it a sunny beach or a chilling dungeon, you are sure to like it. Start the engine and good luck.

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