Most Realistic Graphics in a Dirt Bike Game YET!! w/Cutscenes!! Is It Worth $50+ | SLAPTrain -

Most Realistic Graphics in a Dirt Bike Game YET!! w/Cutscenes!! Is It Worth $50+ | SLAPTrain

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Today I Go ONLINE with the new Monster Energy Supercross Game and honestly one of the most visually realistic games ive played in a while !! Discount
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Most Realistic Graphics in a Dirt Bike Game YET!! w/Cutscenes!! Is It Worth $50+ | SLAPTrain

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  1. i used to have kawasaki kx 80 and kawasaki kx-f 250 now i have KTM exc-f 450

  2. IRL i ride a 2016 ktm 250 2 stroke with a fmf pipe and i just got a top end rebuild

  3. I ride a KTM 85 and I can “tailwhip” 😂

  4. I remember playing the older ones when I was elementary on a Friday afternoon while smashing on lunchables than going outside and getting a empty water bottle and putting it the back of my bike acting like I was riding a real dirt bike

  5. I think it’s realistic graphics but the game play 😆🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. What’s the name of the logic song in the beginning of video

  7. I’m 15 and I ride a ox 450 and I’ve been riding for like six months and I’ve been looking for a good super cross game and it looks really good even for 2020, thanks for making the video, Imma download it now

  8. Know this is late but got a 2020 crf 125f

  9. I was featured in one of ur videos years back we were playing gta v on five m when u had like a mil subs and we had like 30 people with gtrs

  10. I race a Suzuki 2strok 65 I'm getting a 85 idk what it is tho

  11. I think it is worth it because the graphics are awesome and game play is ok

  12. Yo bro that looks way more better in car x has way more better graphics Jesus Christ

  13. Not a rival but MX vs ATV Supercross Encore

  14. when you play racing games too much "yup that's the handbrake"

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