Montée impossible 2019 Best Of Arette Hill Climb -

Montée impossible 2019 Best Of Arette Hill Climb

Michel Camou
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Best Of du Championnat de France de Montée Impossible, ou Hill Climb, à Arette (Pyrénées Atlantiques, FRANCE) le 18 août 2019.

Music : Ethan Meixsell – Start your engines
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  1. Look at those guys standing confidently at the finish line

  2. Slow and steady seems best vs. fast and going too quickly into the high gears. Fast riders exhaust themselves too soon, loose their footing on the pegs and can 't down shift thus stahl their engines. Hard to find the right balance of speed and control. Awesome stuff!!

  3. I almost feel like the bolts in the wheels give a disadvantage because they grab the ground too much, that's why you see bikes shooting under people

  4. That's A Delusional Course, Walls near the Top, wearing grooves part way up

  5. these people cant ride, I know at least 5 guys who could climb that on stock dirt bikes……bunch of scrubs here


  7. And think about it, with a passenger in the back on this bike, the passenger would shit himself right at the start!

  8. あたしゃバイク乗りだけど何故坂を拘束で登りたいのか理解ができない

  9. Why hammer down right out of the gate? It would seem like all your momentum and much of your traction would be gone before the climb ever gets started.

  10. This sport is the textbook definition of "So close, yet so far.".

  11. Regardez mes Amis, j’ai un champ avant besoin de “ploughing” en Angleterre. Il y’a plus de point. Allons y. Oui?

  12. No, no, no. You all doing it wrong. Start from the mountaintop and go DOWNward.

    : D

  13. A rumour is spread that Chuck Norris has make it with a three wheeler.

  14. They need kill switch on them things so if and when a rider falls or comes off it kills the engine so those bolts turned into tire spikes don’t do as much damage. A Kill switch like on jet skis.

    The course is so chewed up that in and of itself makes it more difficult then the angle and steepness of it does.

    That said, crazy f’ckers! lol

  15. hey the guy in baby blue and black, blows up his bike, so another guy lets him use his bike….. now that's freaking fantastic. yeah I just may have to sub and like this channel. much respect for that guy 😎👍💯💯💯

  16. 25 minutes of watching Frenchmen fall over – what's not to like? On a more serious note, is there any evidence that a longer trail arm is more likely to get you up a hill that steep?

  17. I heard some Iron Maiden just before the 9 minute mark.

  18. I bow and duly raise my hat to these men.

  19. Ripping the earth to bits one hill climb at a time.

  20. The rider that was standing on his foot pegs didn't get knocked off his bike

  21. That hill looks really steep, and usually videos don't do hills justice.

  22. Not understanding why every competitor is trying to beat this with speed? Nice video!!!

  23. Watching this always makes me feel better when my life seems impossible…

  24. Everybody has a plan until the plan changes. These guys have steel balls!

  25. これって、前輪に駆動力を与えたら簡単に解決。レギュレーション違反かな。

  26. It's the terrible condition of the lines that makes it impossible. Just dig some deeper ruts with a power washer and make it even more impossible.

  27. The German Shepard's name must be "Rammer"

  28. Should they reach the absolute over the hill distance…that last bit is just impossible. Some of these guys provoke the plan God has with them.

  29. Лошшшаааарыыыы французскияяя!!! Наши ребятки вас в лёгкую зделают… Ладно, шучу… Это круто!!! Молодцы…

  30. I mean DUDES honestly. If 99% of all drivers don't even come close to reaching the top… Then choose ANOTHER CLIMB for an event!! JEEEEEEESUS!!

  31. Pretty sure these death machines would never be allowed in the U.S., there'd be lawyers waiting in the parking lot.

  32. I bet if you put a few of the top middle ranked Americans up on this hill, they'd have it in no time.

  33. Must be Biden Harris and cheese smoked Biden people nothing to live for?!🍸😂👍🤷‍♂️✅💀👽

  34. Also why not get in your two wheel drive car. And get to the top

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