Montée impossible 2019 Best Of Arette Hill Climb -

Montée impossible 2019 Best Of Arette Hill Climb

Michel Camou
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Best Of du Championnat de France de Montée Impossible, ou Hill Climb, à Arette (Pyrénées Atlantiques, FRANCE) le 18 août 2019.

Music : Ethan Meixsell – Start your engines
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  1. Someone should design the right bike!
    Front-wheel/Rear-wheel drive, extra weight on the front end! Bam! you'll make it all the way up!

  2. unesxpecanly I took my family up to one of these attemptes

  3. With a rear tire like that, you better have kill switch attached to your wrist.

  4. Is it only me that notices that riders that are standing up on the pegs are doing much better ? Most guys are trying to sit down on the seat.

  5. Did this shit on regular stock dirt bikes as teenagers back in the 80s. The hills weren't as long and not as steep as the very top and didn't have as big of "shelves/humps" but it was the same difficulty considering what we were riding. Plenty of us tumbled down and had to repair our bikes many times but that never stopped us from doing it. LOL

  6. Seems like having the bike geared for slower speed but delivering consistent and predictable power is key. The guys going slower at the top did better overall, although a couple of the speedy ones hit the right bump at the right time to jump over the impossible near vertical washout close to the top.

  7. Seems to me a decent dirt bike or even an enduro would climb that with no problem. I mean that's what we rode in old sand and clay pits in Florida climbing 60°-75° walls of sugar sand.
    Really not impressed with this.

  8. I like that I watch the whole darn brooms back memories when I was a kid I'm 71 back then they had hill climbs Motocross all kinds of good stuff for motorcycle riders I sure miss it my scooter still in the in the garage I guess I'm going to have to buy 4 Wheels to drive sure hate to oh yeah hehehe

  9. Try using a thumb throttle instead of a twist throttle for better control of the handle bar. Imo.

  10. who was that lead guitarist at the beginning?

  11. Why did you climb the mountain? Because it's there… x 10.

  12. I attended an impossible hill climb in 1968. I was 14 years old. There was an incredible amount of drinking. Crowd of about 4 to 5,000. There was minimal supervision (none). A couple of drunk guys attempted to back a jeep up straddling the lateral apex of the hill. They got close to the top and then they put all four wheels on the hill climb side of the hill. The jeep rolled over with the unbelted passenger being flipped out the removed door into the air landing just down the hill from the rolling and bouncing jeep. On the next rotation the vehicle flipped high in the air and landed on the motionless passenger killing him instantly. The annual hillclimb was never scheduled again. I went home with no desire to participate in any motorcycle contests. I never have.

  13. lol i wanted to say that usa have the most freaky motorsports then i realised it is in france : D

  14. Dayum! That's like riding a bucking bronco up the side of the Empire State Building.

  15. Why is this so fun ti watch? Oh I know engines, horsepower and anything dangerous…

  16. NASCAR started with moonshiners wanting to know whose car was faster. The Tour de France began as a way to promote newspapers around France. Pretty sure golf started because some Scotsman hit a rock with a stick. All developed into complex and specialized sports. I didn't have any idea what this was, but my first thought was, "how did this ever become a sport in the first place if, even today, with specialized machines, no one can even make it to the top." Took me a while to realize that's the point. It's impossible. Now, I can imagine how it started, "Bet you can't ride your motorcycle up that hill" — "Oh yeah, bet I can't better than you."

  17. Павел добрый Я не знаю как это сделать says:

    Я там вчера на девятке гонял

  18. Uma Yamaha TT125 subia isso na maior moleza…..

  19. Hillbilly isn’t just an American ideal it’s worldwide

  20. Does anyone knows what is the theme song played starting at minute 1:01 ?
    I've been trying to find for it.

  21. This reminds me of Bull Riding, One way or another, You will be thrown off!

  22. Angled spikes don't work? 11.25-degree forward-swept. During wheel-spin, spikes would make contact 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground while performing a gripping-action.

  23. Pervers die Fahrer und auch die Zuschauer… wenn du Pech hast fliegt dem Zuschauer so ein Teil in die Fresse.

  24. Motos muy pesadas. Con menos cilindrada y no mas de 120 kilos eso se sube.

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