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I biked an insane obstacle course in the woods in the Riders Republic beta! I enjoyed this beta so much, and I barely even scratched the surface of what there is to do! Hope you guys enjoy this video. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. i think manual landing is better with the trickster controls because its easier to adjust by moving the stick rather than pressing another button, i didnt try the other option so im just speculating but this makes sense to me

  2. Bro i am so stoked when it comes out it will be my favorite game

  3. Hey can you make a video on August 13th because that's my birthday and I'm Evite

  4. I have a feeling that this is gonna be the new Decenders on this channel

  5. Cool game but just doesnt match Descenders energy

  6. Hey Sam Tabor, Next time you play Riders Republic play The Red Bull Joyride event or the Red Bull Rampage event. Love your Vids BTW

  7. Your intro is funny that is why I love your video

  8. How did you get the game if it haven’t came out yet

  9. Hello Sam …love vids!!! Keep up the good work!😁

  10. Are you recording or you were just recording this before the beta ended because I’m very mad that I can’t play my favorite game and I’m so mad

  11. When you died I laughed

  12. You should play free fire . Its a battle royal game and it's free

  13. Im trying to get to 50 subs please help me reach my goal.

  14. I think the lobby is copied from descenders and the backtrack is copied from snow

  15. Broo i love this game you should do more vids of this game. Btw THESE PHYCICS R SOOO GOOD AND THE GRAPHICS r soooo relistic

  16. This game has some of the same features as Forza horizon but its a mountain biking game lol. For example the back track feature is in Forza

  17. This game is something else man, when it comes out this is the only game im going to be playing lol

  18. I feel another great game mode could be, to add races that include unlock sections.
    So scoring a certain amount of points on the way down to unlock the rest of the track.
    Fastest time wins

  19. I like being able to do some tricks in first person in steep u can also switch cameras mid trick super easy to land. Its just a super cool feeling

  20. Pour un jeu carrément + arcade que Steep comme le disent la plupart des Bêta testeur, tu en chie véritablement et parfois de façon assez bizarre.

  21. This was the first thing I did in beta and did it first try no falls!

  22. As a former trial and downhill biker, i really could enjoy these tracks IRL, looks fun. 🙂 Getting too old for it by now, with too much injury, but we did some crazy stuff like these, back in the days 😉
    Can't wait to try this game out!

  23. Just have to pop inn and say thats the moste ali a thumbnail i ever seen…

  24. So, is this an internet-only game where you cannot play offline?
    What if your internet is cutting in and out during gameplay?

  25. Every video I see has no form of ….a soundtrack…music….is that some copyright thing or is the game gonna sound this ….plain cause that's the only thing I worry about when I see this game

  26. bro i havent watched sam for a year and ive missed so much

  27. Will this game have a map editor? It really needs one

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