Impossible Hill Climb - Andler / Schönberg - 2016 -

Impossible Hill Climb – Andler / Schönberg – 2016

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17th Impossible Hill Climb race in Andler / Schönberg. This is the best Hill Climb event in Europe, the craziest one and impossible. This year one people made it but the only front wheel passed the line 🙂 What do you think about it? Maybe it is not impossible anymore.

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  1. toni bou .i think up that mountain

  2. Had a ‘92 ATK 406….. used to chew that shit up, and spit it out!!!… NEVER met a hill it wouldn’t climb.

  3. Has anyone ever successfully climbed The hill

  4. Nothing like someone getting carried off in a stretcher for a bit of motivation before your run

  5. I don't understand why people are letting off the throttle. it's all throttle. Fucking send it all the way up pussies

  6. the only way to go on the top is to not hold the brakes

  7. Does anyone know where the place is , I am asking for an address ,
    Thanks !

    Hallo, kennt jemand wo diese Platz ist ?
    Vielen Dank !

  8. На минчике изи заеду

  9. Yo digo que una buena mortalika dm sube sin pedos 🤣🤣

  10. Pastor Antonio Cicero O Santo Pontal says:

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  11. the most timid and useless bike catchers i've ever seen…

  12. I love the everyone take care of each other that most important and having fun 👍😊I road gator back Flagler race track many years love the sports have more broken bones then I can count LOL

  13. Una cagada no le dieron mucho marjer de recorido alas motos si ubiecen largado mas atras suben unas cuantas

  14. sağ tarafta duran dangalaklar ne işe yarıyor acaba motorcular tamamen durunca mudahele edıyorlar motorcunun ustune gelen motoru bile durdurmuyorlar ayar oldum ya

  15. massive respect for having a go .. especially to the little kid ..

  16. Да я бы на Урале…

  17. So sad seeing all these bikes get beat

  18. Only bikes close to making it to the top were 4 strokes. 2 strokes are fun toys, but we bring out the 4 strokes when work needs to be done.

  19. what happened right before the clip at 4:00??? i notice what looked like a medical team

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