Impossible Climb - Belgium - Andler / Schönberg -

Impossible Climb – Belgium – Andler / Schönberg

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Here’s the video for the 11th Edition of the Hill Climbing – made ​​in Belgium – in Andler / Schönberg. The daredevil bikers on their modified motorcycles are trying to climb the mountain. The best came from a few centimetres predestination.
Plenty of spectacular crashes and disposals – which, as amazing as it may sound, no rider was seriously injured.

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  1. After watching hundreds of people👥 fail at this hillclimb, the obstacles in my life seem surmountable.

  2. Wow,,, I own a spare shop but I wish I was around this place I would be super rich.🥺

  3. بشار كان هنا …..🚶‍♂️.💔

  4. Vai de vaga que consegui subir e maneiro oooo adrenalina dos meus sonhos

  5. And the most profitable business is the HOSPITAL

  6. Sangat berbahaya kira kira ana asuransi apa tidak

  7. Им надо в футбол играть.

  8. This video was made two days after I was born

  9. So this is a real thing ?!

    I never knew lol

    Those video games about the dirt bikes called trials and blood dragon trials weren't joking lol

  10. Esses loucos não tem amor a vida zele por ela só e uma

  11. Кто эти безумные люди?

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