Impossible Climb Arette | Modified Monster Bikes | Hill Climb -

Impossible Climb Arette | Modified Monster Bikes | Hill Climb

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French Hill Climb Championship (2019) came to Arette – France for round Impossible Climb. The race was a two-day event in the heart of a geographical beauty. This is a championship which is held since 1984 and you really see how serious the competitors are. The target is to cover a 230m hill which has a soft right curve and jumpy sections.

Day 1 was mostly a show-off and race day for stock dirt bikes, day 2 was the real deal. 56 competitors were ready with their modified bikes. Each competitor had 4 chances and whoever covers the most gets the trophy.

No one made it to the top at the end. The winner of the race was Vincent Mougenot who covered 222,15 meters at his 3rd try.

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  1. Todo el vídeo y no ha subido ni 1😤😤
    Lo q está claro, es q fácil no debe ser.

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  3. El de los que me han dado nadaAl es el de mi hermano y mi madre no me

  4. Y el pago será lo suficiente para una moto nueva? O las patrocinan

  5. Mud path Is his name Freind me if you want says:

    The second kinda concerns me

  6. Could you ride theses bikes on enduro tracks or are they just for going up hill?

  7. Verstehe nicht warum man sich sowas antut… keiner hats geschafft…

  8. Y que pasaría con una moto normal con su modelo de fábrica?

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