Impossible Climb Andler 2019 | Dirt Bike Graveyard | Hill Climb -

Impossible Climb Andler 2019 | Dirt Bike Graveyard | Hill Climb

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Impossible Climb Andler 2019 was held for the 20th time. Participation was fairly poor compared with previous editions but riders were all bold enough to put a great show. As usual, officially no one made it to the top of the hill but we saw a Suzuki rider managed to pass the finish line with his front wheel. This event is continuing to be a dirt bike graveyard and we love it, enjoy the video!

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  1. So expensive that those motorcycles are to break them like that naa. I don't roast it, I wouldn't put mine in there.

  2. 2:47 dude could of at least tried to grab him. It look him off 😬

  3. भोपाराम गौघल धारणा धारणा says:


  4. If thay had more of a run up at it would be easier to get up i have gone up hill climbs steeper than this on my 1984 TT600 even my old DR 400 would do it with 20 meter more run up . Who ever organized this event just wants everyone to come off and Reck thir Bikes what a Bullshit event!!?

  5. Isnt Red Bull smart enough to have a hook at the top? Other hillvlimb events have done a much better job at catching the bikes Fuck that

  6. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😀

  7. Deque estan echo esos motores, que no selerompe nada.

  8. ботинок крутить багасейра!

  9. Nước ngoài chơi nhiều cái ghe thiệt

  10. Los hombres que se cayeron casi ala mitad: CHALE ME HUMILLO 😞

  11. สรุปดูตอนมอร์ไซด์ร่วงมันกว่าเยอะ

  12. พื้นบ้านการเมือง Ch.บันเทิง says:

    โหดดี subscribe ok

  13. честно больше мотики жалко а не людей

  14. no se si entienden español pero no me gusta q se pegen

  15. No sirve panada ese gil que trata de agarrar a los que se caen en las motos

  16. The Man standing over the fence must have steel balls..🙄🙄

  17. Nuuuuú; vcs são malucos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. One guy didn’t start even get to go uphill

  19. Que chiva. Buen deporte…….

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