How To Climb Faster For Free - Tips To Improve Your Cycling Technique -

How To Climb Faster For Free – Tips To Improve Your Cycling Technique

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Get your climbing technique and pacing nailed and you’ll climb faster for free!
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You can improve your climbing in two ways. Getting fitter and lighter is the painful way, and comes with guaranteed results. There is another way, though. Work on your technique. By improving your pacing and technique on the bike you’ll conserve energy be able to press on as you near the top of the climb. Essentially, you maximise your use of your existing climbing ability by wasting less energy and by distributing your effort evenly over the climb.

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  1. less talk more breathing.. its important too.. 

  2. Where was this filmed? It looks like an awesome climb!

  3. you keep saying , don't go into the "red" , what do you mean by this ? what is the "red" ?

  4. Thanks for the video – what about a 2.2km climb with avg gradient 9.2%? I have to go into the red for the whole time basically to get a pb. Spinning up is too slow. Is this just because a it's only a short 9 min climb?

  5. Excellent channel! You guys should definitely do a video on defending. When you're climbing and there's too much lactic acid built up, do you ever stop pedaling for a couple seconds to recover? I'm wondering if the pros ever do that…

  6. I also want to know what 'red' equates to. What heart rate zone is that?  Or is it just more than can be maintained for the duration of the climb?  Are you saying climb steady?

  7. i used to climb faster until i started hanging onto the rear end of a car. 

  8. growing up with terrible bikes that would slam gears without warning taught me to keep an even pedal stroke when out of the saddle, the hard way

  9. So you're recommending 80 RPM cadence for climbing in particular? I tend to spin at 90 RPM on both flats and climbs…would lowering my cadence on climbs allow me to ascend faster? My FTP has currently been tested at 4 w/kg.

  10. I think you should quit smoking when you have a coffee break, then going into red will not be so exhausting 😉

  11. Honestly, riding out of the saddle like Alberto does is pretty difficult, at least for me! But i like to do it so people driving their cars and passing me think I can ride like Alberto Contador. 

  12. Climbing uphill really highlights a rider's imperfections with technique. If you keep the hips back while standing, you can engage the glutes and climb out of the saddle all day long (that's why Alberto Contador can do it). A lot of rider's keep the hips excessively forward which mean that the quads are working about two times more often. The legs won't burnout all the time if your recruiting the glutes. The physiological reason why higher seated climbing cadences are recommended is because it allows the glutes to fire more effectively (and helps improve venous return). Studies have found that neuromuscular control of the glutes increases as cadence increases. Crank length is also just as important. If it's too long, you'll be forced to use the quads more often. Unfortunately, no amount of practice/training can compensate for the wrong crank length.

  13. how about 10-15% uphills? its yet hard to maintain steady cadence even 60 rpm at lightest gear….. any strategy but improve my engine? naahhh thats too bad

  14. I will solve all of your problems now, get a tandem bike and let the other person do all of the work.

  15. don't go in to the red?
    what's the meaning of it.
    is it Don't over work your self

  16. Oh i hate climbs i tend to give up and walk my bike up loo but goid advice

  17. What do you mean while you were saying 'pacing'?

  18. I would say don't drop body weight, but spend time off the bike lifting heavy in the gym, it'll make you far more efficient than becoming anorexic. All of the tips are great! A few things I've caught myself doing I should fix this year! Thanks!

  19. have you any suggestions for numb toes. I'm fitted to the bike properly but still get numb toes after an hour or so. thanks

  20. hello GCN , first of all i want to thank you for useful videos and topics you chose it , and i have a question , i'm 31 years old and i start cycling before 2 years ago , and recently start training on my bike hard , but i have some concerns and doubts about my muscle and body because i start cycling too late can i be professional cyclist and improve my muscle and body for cycling , and what the suitable age to start cycling to be professional .

  21. Cadence and power is all you need, spin it to win it, grind it you'll get dropped

  22. I'm a lot heavier than average cyclist…

    So I'm attacking hill climbing simultaneously on several fronts:

    a. technique
    b. getting fitter & lighter
    c. practice, practice, practice

    There are tons of hills where I live, some are listed as worst / most difficult in our country…

  23. Im a sprinter can you please make a video about climbing tecniques for sprinters like me

  24. Im safe to say 700 thousand ppl subbed after me hahahshahahahahahahhss

  25. High cadence is my tip. My pedaling style is a lot like Froome's and it does look silly but it is very effective especially if you are trying to stick in someone's wheel who is attacking.

  26. You boys may be pros and whatnot… but y'all aren't climbing hills on fixies. Post some tips on THAT, why don't you? 😉

  27. And not talk too much when climbing up steep road…

  28. Thanks to this useful tips I improved my climbing from one to another session. On a 25km climb to 1366 meters I improved my time with an amazing 21 minutes. I’m Looking forward to improve more next time. Thanks for this useful video guys! Greetings from Tenerife!

  29. I do this but my Exhaustion Is still the same

  30. And all so is very important
    is control your self 😉

  31. makishima has a unique way of climbing hahahaha

  32. i always start with light gears because the first 4km are the hardest then after that i can go up some gears and i can keep up a good rythme

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