How to become a better climber | Operation Hill Climb | Cycling Weekly -

How to become a better climber | Operation Hill Climb | Cycling Weekly

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Hill climbs are a very British tradition, with no such culture existing in other major cycling nations. | Subscribe to Cycling Weekly here:

Strava records of Ditchling ride:

If you tried to explain the logic behind driving four hours to ride a one-minute time trial up Monsal Head to an Italian they would surely think you a little special. I decided to throw myself into this years hill-climbing season – I wanted to immerse myself in this cycling sub culture and find out what the appeal is. For many people, the idea of turning yourself inside out with a lung busting effort, up a brutally steep climb in typical autumnal British weather at 9am on a Sunday is far removed from what constitutes ‘fun.’ I also wanted to explore it takes to succeed in these short but intense events. If I stopped eating cake, got a mega light bike and trained like a pro, could I go from zero to hero? Probably not, but I thought I would give it a go anyway!

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  1. Wallace and Gromit are from Lancashire. Otherwise good video

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed watching your journey.awesome effort!!! especially the coup de grace at the end coming 1st!!! Unfortunately in nz we don’t have any of these type of races which is a shame as I love climbing hills.

  3. Congreats Ollie!!! I really enjoyed watching this video, but please tell me: why did you not install your stem negative?

  4. Do The Dirty Dozen in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 13 hills that vary from 22% to 38% in 55 miles. Canton Ave is the steepest street in the world at 38%. Baldwin St. in Dunedin, NZ is 35%, but much longer.

    The Dirty Dozen is held the Saturday following Thanksgiving Thursday every year. Go to: or

    I rode it in 2009. Toughest ride EVER.

  5. Just a suggestion, you should have not put a saddle and seatpost, you could have saved a few weights. 🤣

  6. Why not going fixed, Ollie? No rear derailleur, no rear brake, no second brake lever.

  7. Hill climbing most certainly exists in other cultures. It's alive and well in Pittsburgh PA United States. Search for the Dirty Dozen "race" in Pittsburgh. We climb the steepest, longest in the world son

  8. Oh that's Oli! Took me a while to realise what happened. Lovely video though!

  9. Sitting down for a cozy Ollie video. Then it dropped on me, this isn't GCN!

  10. What happened with the speech?

  11. Ollie, your intensity and commitment is so inspiring.

  12. 1:10 Sussex Nomads in Ditchling village hall. 👍 Bring on the Beacon.

  13. That tuna pan looks absolutely gorgeous! But with my 60 something I think that I'll probably keep eating my fish without hillclimbing…

  14. One of the best ollie shows i have ever seen. Quite inspiring. Im on lunch at work and i cannot wait to get back home and smash out some steep miles north of the Bronx. Ollie , youre a good man !

  15. i dont even want to know how much this setup cost 😭😭😭

  16. Forget dropping a few grams here and there and train in hills. I own a Cannondale CAAD12 Ultegra with 52/36 rings and a 11/28 cassette. I absolutely LOVE powering up hills with this set-up.

  17. “An incredibly stiff package!” 😜

  18. Really enjoyed watching this! 🙂 I'm nearly 51 years old and love climbing hills on my bike, and I'm really tempted to have a go in a local open competition later this year and experience the atmosphere and camaraderie 🙂🙂

  19. Reminds me of ultralight backpackers. My response: strengthen your body and don't be so concerned about the weight

  20. Colombia has more hills than Britain . We have the Andes .

  21. Is it a Time Alpe d'huez 01? Is it a LOOK 785 Huez RS collection….
    no its a cannondale….

  22. another way to make you climb faster is to ditch those disks you and the gang are advertising at gcn .. lol !!

  23. hey there what was the final weight of the bike? 🙂

  24. Gold chains with cutouts everywhere are always faster! ..and cooler.

  25. Vid is 3 yrs old and almost all the bikes featured are round tube light weight bikes. Now ppl climb on aero bikes . Go figure

  26. I quite enjoyed that! Bravo and congratulations 🍻

  27. Holly Lane's dead easy. It's about 2 miles from home and I ride it regularly even at 81. Mind you, it might have something to do with the fact I always arrange to ride down on my way home 🙂

    It used to be quite a tradition a few years back – Riber Hill climb in the morning and Holly Lane in the afternoon. Made a good day out for the spectators. Not even sure if they're both run because I've been out of touch for a few years. A very entertaining video – thanks Ollie.

  28. As an ACTUAL CLIMBER who climbs… rock… i think I got mislead by the title…

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