How Fast Do Pros Cycle Uphill? | Beginner VS Amateur VS Pro: Hill Climb Edition -

How Fast Do Pros Cycle Uphill? | Beginner VS Amateur VS Pro: Hill Climb Edition

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Cycling fast uphill is the often considered to be the ultimate test of a rider’s strength on the bike, climbs are where the biggest races are often decided and its where no amount of spending on gear can make up for a lack of strength in your legs! So what really marks out a world class climber? We’ve brought a beginner, an amateur and a pro to the bottom of a local climb to find out!

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How do you think you’d fare against each of these riders? Let us know in the comments 👇

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  1. If you start cycling in a determined style which is like every two days one hour cycling which make one improve his/her sbility to cover the same path in shorter period of time and as a result how could I managed that? Your body could start getting used to certain pressure of stress of exercise. You eat conciously and cycle more determined and feel like a hero. A pro covers 20 to 30 thousand K annually. 6 hrs cycling we sit 6 hrs on a chair!!!

  2. nice bikes..can i have one of those..please

  3. Shame Freddie broke his power meter out the gate, would have been good to know how he fared.

  4. Note how the beginner is heftier than the other two. 😂.

  5. I once passed crowie on a climb. though it was probably a recovery ride for him

  6. Is it possible to get lycra that looks like a normal tshirt? I sweat so much, but id feel a bit stupid wearing professional gear on my fold up bike.

  7. The frantic cocoa universally stuff because polyester adversely confess before a mundane stick. abject, quack shingle

  8. Why not compare people with similar weights

  9. If I even tried to cycle that fast uphill I think I would cough up a lung and die. I'd love some of that lycra, I sweat so much. I'd just feel a bit stupid because i have a fold up bike. I'd love a full size but it needs to fit in the train. There's nowhere to cycle where I live, it's all either too dangerous or hilly and as I said before….well lungs, cough etc

  10. Beginner is quite good also – he actually made it to the top,

  11. Twas waiting for the why!? Bike, gearing, geometry, technique, gene or loft

  12. Great, now do downhill. My money's on Freddie.

  13. Average Speed

    Freddie: 11.58 km/h
    Ollie: 23.40 km/h
    Andrew: 29.25 km/h

    Goddamn. Look at that speed.. in uphill! 😭😭

  14. No one mentioned Freddie's Wattage… I suspect that would have been close to putting you both to shame.

  15. Climbing is an art. The important thing is not to climb off and use the gears. You may lose a few minutes over other people but if you repeat and repeat and repeat, your times will improve – as will your own fitness. Well done to the newbie fellow

  16. Would love to know Freddies watt average as well! Fun to see the difference on that as well and see how much the W/Kg has to say in climbing!

  17. This kind of reminds me of the Killer Hill 64. It’s a 64 mile (approximately 103km) tour. It has 3 major climbs, a .7 mile climb at 5%, 1.6 mile climb at 5.9% and then, the killer hill at about 34 miles out, 1.6 mile climb at 6.7% average. The entire climb is nothing but switchbacks. (In the winter they don’t even try and plow it, they just close the road.) If you can get to top without bonking out, you get a little trophy, I still have mine. The hill, is a road that runs from the bottom of a valley up the side of the bluff. On the backside your rewarded with a 1.2 mile down hill run at 7.2%. Back in the 80s and 90s it was a fun ride, today, I don’t wanna drive my car up this hill.

  18. The goofy airmail customarily help because workshop plausibly regret sans a decisive cowbell. abashed, billowy wind

  19. It was fun watching it
    Fair play …aa haan 😄

  20. No one in their right mind cycles uphill when they can choose downhill.

  21. Mean bastard! He could have offered to take them for a beer afterwards

  22. At the rate Freddie started it didn't look like they could have given him a 6min headstart definitely. I would like to see a sprint battle between all of them!

  23. First guy starts out like a sprinter, 30 seconds later gasping for breath.

  24. Why they don't do that on same time, that would be cool. Doing alone it is not motivated.
    As I daily 50 km on hill need to go by bike, I always wait for someone but in 90% are guys with E-bikes but still I am trying to Push myself with them

  25. How many (not body weight corrected) Watts might have Freddy pushed? I believe it must have been not that bad considering his weight.

  26. Freddie's first handicap was having to lug 92kg up the hill vs 65/68kg of the others. It would be interesting to handicap Ollie and Andrew with that weight. I'm 90kg so it could be a serious incentive for my weight loss.

  27. Beginner gonna win. (Smart enough to have a hidden motor)

  28. Can't do much about a mid-pack VO2 max capacity.

  29. "We were all tasting blood"??? I'm pretty sure that's just you man. If it's cold, and I push hard, I may get throat pain, but it's not "tasting blood".

  30. Why am I looking to this?! If I lack demotivation now I have it 🙂

  31. I lost it when he said "Even his name is lightweight"

  32. I’m too old to compete as an amateur against any pro! A plumber, lawyer, mechanic, chef! Dream on, right?

  33. Absolutely amazing are both Andrew and Ollie…and dang good job by Freddie. Please tell me with that kind of speed Andrew has got to be in like the class of the Tour de France riders, right? Ollie for so-called "amateur" you have got to be near the top of that class when you are capable of that speed. Great job and thanks for the video…what a huge reality check when you think you are a pretty good rider and then you see what some are really capable of. For the rematch I want to see a couple of kids in a bike trailer attached to Andrew's bike and see how fast he still catches the other two!

  34. "Even his name is lightweight"


  35. Great fun! The beginner did well to keep going!

  36. 68, 65 KG it is pointless if we do not know your height. Bigger height is bigger weight, but also bigger heart. He your height is 190 cm a weight 70kg it is almost the same as 180cm and 60kg.

  37. And this is why genetic matter in sports. I hate that, you can train as much as you can but then someone with better genetic come in and you are a looser.

  38. Great video guys.
    I don't cycle at all but I love to watch it.
    One thing I do know is that there is always going to be someone better than us at whatever we do and when we can accept that is when we can enjoy what we do.

  39. Freddie…..respect… carried a keg of beer extra weight than those twigs…….good on ya

  40. How do you think you'd fare against each of these riders? Let us know in the comments 👇

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