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Hill Climb Racing: Motocross Bike 12740m Nuclear Plant

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Wow Motocross Bike on Nuclear Plant very amazing!
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1) Dread Pitt – Pyro
2) Inukshuk – Happy Accidents (Live Performance)
3) Joe Garston – Loud & Clear (feat. Richard Caddock)
4) Main Reaktor – Recession

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  1. What happened to the original sound? All sorts of important information about the run comes from sound. And you replaced with silly computer-generated techno. Bleh.

  2. first to watch first to like first to comment nice vid

  3. btw what was the vehicle you used in night on your previous world record vid

  4. what I meant was the one before the garage update(the pic showed that you were falling so fast that the vehicle was out of the screen)

  5. Do you know what's the record with Onewheeler on 4 seasons?

  6. I like your music very much! And you are too good for this game xD

  7. Yura, what's your record with Tourist Bus on Seasons?
    My record 5225m.

  8. my Best record:
    1. kiddie express – night 5772
    2. rally car – higway 8922
    3. dragster – countryside 10741

  9. Wow!!! My record is 3776m motocross bike /nuclear plant

  10. Юра давай на автобусе попробуй перейти за 6624м,трасса SEASONS я дальше не смог)) видео загружу ночью

  11. Stuffed Animal TV 2 • 69 years ago says:

    That's cool! I have 3771m!

  12. 2020 Who Doesn't Stop Watching This Yet

  13. Тот момент, когда по твоему видосу сделал почти 15к))
    И да, почему комменты удаляешь?

  14. At 11020 you should use the green plate to jump off it and go further without getting radiation

  15. wow, i cant drive the motocross bike in this place

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