Hill Climb Racing - HIPPIE VAN in HIGHWAY 😱 New Record GamePlay - ebikegames.net

Hill Climb Racing – HIPPIE VAN in HIGHWAY 😱 New Record GamePlay

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Highway Hippie Van, just crazy!
Bill Newton helping hippie van to get wheel

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  1. does the vehicle really lose the wheel? or is this a kind of mode?

  2. Hill Climb Racing Roller Coaster 10303 meters on Race Car

  3. Fully upgraded kidie express is better I know. Currently I have 9023 on rally car, 10458 on snow moblie, and around 16000 on truck (all full upgrade).

  4. 10:48 Bill is pulling the hippie van and at the same time he is inside the hippie van

  5. I also download this game in my mother's phone and I and mother also play this game. I like to play this game.

  6. this was going to be an world record so sad

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