Hill Climb Racing - BUS, TRACTOR, SUPER DIESEL 4x4, FIRE TRUCK in CAVE gameplay - ebikegames.net

Hill Climb Racing – BUS, TRACTOR, SUPER DIESEL 4×4, FIRE TRUCK in CAVE gameplay

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Hill Climb Racing – Cave Impossible Records Walkthrough Gameplay
Tractor, Bus, Moonlander, Super Diesel, Hovercraft, Fire Truck
Can you beat one of this records?? If yes – you are real PRO!

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1) Heuse & Tom Wilson – Ignite [NCS Release]
2) Netrum – Any Closer [NCS Release]
3) NEFFEX – Careless 💔 [Copyright Free]

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  1. Those records seems just impossible to beat..
    But i'm sure that you can beat some of them.. So Good luck:)
    p.s don't use Boosters

  2. Hello road katm ha to record 1100 se ka ha

  3. It was amazing if game developer add river road

  4. Well im noob , buyed a few maps and have only monster truck and carantula at max, which car is eady for which map, pls qnyone explain😭😭

  5. اتحداك اوصل اكثر منك

  6. Everybody gangsta until one ramdom guy had a record of 200m in cave using the tourist bus

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