Hill Climb Racing 2 - World Record CHOPPER BIKE in City 18020m GamePlay Walkthrough - ebikegames.net

Hill Climb Racing 2 – World Record CHOPPER BIKE in City 18020m GamePlay Walkthrough

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Hill Climb Racing 2 My New World Record in City on Chopper Bike 18,020 meters! 🔥 All parts maxed and fully upgraded! Gameplay Walkthrough

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  1. Very nice record Vereshchack🙂🙂😁😁😀😀😆😆😎😎

  2. Do you Play also Brawl Stars?Nice World Record❤️👍👌


  4. Javier El Mejor Estrella Número #1 A Nivel Mundial says:

    😱 Good Record Of Planet

  5. Vereshchak you have got boss. My record is 8 254

  6. Just awesome dude, such skill and control! I see you in the game… you must be living the jetset scene cause i see your name in many different country flags looooooooool

  7. For some reason I named my self harrytoenail in hcr2 do I know why… No is it funny… Yes

  8. Impossible. 😱😱😱 💚💚💚

    But why do I see your record not in the actual world ranking? 🤔

  9. 00:44 See Carefully Guys. I Hadn't See Any Steel Cage Here From The Start Of My Journey In City Map. But Today I See That From This Video. Weird

  10. You should do a challenge like to not use any parts and try to make a world record.

  11. Oh. Adventure pro player is here. Nice record, Vereschak. Always awesome.

  12. Vereshchak challenge me to an racing challenge Name [RSFanGuest]

  13. I have also make till here but 100 meter far

  14. Vereschach can you pls send making me friend pls

  15. You are awesome! I cant even reach 4.5 km in my b, I am weakest in the city i gotta have patience for that after 1000 try with SD with thruster jump shocks and wings…

  16. Great video vereshchak keep up the good work 😁😁 also I have max stars in city and Forest and country

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  18. Hold your hands the legend is back
    – Vereshchak

  19. You are amazing, what app do you use for designing your imagin ?

  20. Охринеть, скажи лвл деталей, у меня на нем в городе всего 6 с чем то км

  21. Lord someone help me create records like him. He's damn crazy😵

  22. Change ur channel name make it record breaker

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