Hill Climb Racing 2 - World Record 😱 SUPERBIKE in RAGING WINTER 3352m - ebikegames.net

Hill Climb Racing 2 – World Record 😱 SUPERBIKE in RAGING WINTER 3352m

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Raging Winter World Record with Superbike 3352 meters
Gameplay Walkthrough

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  1. It's Insane gameplay love from India🇮🇳

  2. I mean uh that need to be hard right guys????????

  3. Damn my guy is skilled hope he reacts <3

  4. hey the map jeep didn't moving what du I Di

  5. You overtook me with the record with the rally car

  6. World record ~~~kid ,hill climb yea! XDDDDDDDDD

  7. Først thing aften i wave up, is watching your videos

  8. Takes a loooooooot of tiiiime and patieeeence to get this done.

  9. Awesome world record ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. How did you get that yellow robot skin is it exclusive or something

  11. Hey bro, how you are keeping balance on the super bike?
    Today I bought the super bike but iam trying to keep balance on this bike but iam dying continuosly
    Please give me a solution bro😭😭😭😭

  12. I need recomendation for god cellphone to play videogames

  13. I’m just happy with getting 893 for this one. I have no interest in proceeding past that due to the stress of what I just witnessed. 😵

  14. Só uhhhh theres a vereshchak in my club and If its u….im going tô scream

  15. your record is amazing hard and very nice. For vereshchak everything is possible nice record bro and i think the forest trails is hard too but for you no problem beacose you are very pro player and again nice record 😉

  16. What kind of confusing place to play Adventure???🧐🧐

  17. Raging winter is a crazy map and also the intense city its so hard i use my new super bike with a lvl 5 all

  18. Do you know that Michael heated your WR

  19. New tip in 2021: use bus and go into normal hill and press both pedals and take 7 sec and here you go it drops lil bit

  20. Hope you enjoyed this video!) It was really really not easy)
    Next, Forest trials with superbike? 😄

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