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Hill Climb Racing 2 Track Day Event!
Superbike – Sports Car – Formula – Super Car
Who is Faster??

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1) NEFFEX – Pull Me Apart 💔 [Copyright Free]
2) Janji – Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) [NCS Release]

V1.25.0 Teams
Teams: A whole new team-based racing experience awaits
New looks: Champ and Race Buggy
New seasons cup: Deep Driving
Various bug fixes

Hill Climb Racing 2 1.25.0 Update
Hill Climb Racing 2 TEAM
Hill Climb Racing 2 CLAN
Hill Climb Racing 2 TOP TEAM
Create your best TEAM In Hill Climb Racing 2
New Cup – Deep Driving
Hill Climb Racing 2 TEAM
Hill Climb Racing 2 VERESHCHAK TEAM
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Hill Climb Racing 2 BEST TEAM
Hill Climb Racing 2 Animation
Hill Climb Racing 2 VIP
Hill Climb Racing 2 World Record
Hill Climb Racing 2 Best Vehicle
Hill Climb Racing 2 Walkthrough Gameplay

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  1. please support mee ı neeed subscribe ( for 1000 subscribe) ı am grateful

  2. Hey I just subscribed. I’m Marsh on Hill Climb racing. Would like to join your Team in the new group event. I have 2521180 KM. I am very active multiple times each day. Would you make a spot for me?

  3. Wow, awesome! Cool! I like your play! 👍👍
    I like comment on you video! My name is Gracio Tobing. I change gmail.

  4. Help!! Please! I was trying to get the hack/apk for hill climb 2 but, it infected my device (tablet) a virus! Can someone pls tell me how to delete it… please!

  5. Nice vereschak i real enjoy your video mine best car on track day event is supercar and superbike!

  6. Ребята, вступайте в командный турнир. Название клана Тригада! Найдёте пользователя Стрела, значит команда та. Ждём вас.

  7. I true in Austria snowboard driven it's nice have very good Easter holidays

  8. Have hill climb a update I have it one week not playing

  9. You are the best YouTube but I'm a German kid

  10. I think thr supercar is the fastest for every track (try to beat my 16 seconds on hot tarmac) the only odd one out is the formula car on fast lane!!😀😎

  11. What is your records in far far away?Mine is 48s
    Great video I like Vereshchak

  12. Superbike is fastest in this event

  13. What is the password for ur team!! I have 280-315km let me join!this is not fake or lie!!

  14. I like very much when you get first place. I also reached first place in occasions in that event. Good video, bro. You're my inspiration. 👍 👍 👍

  15. Nice vid bro.. Best vehicle for the event:supercar

  16. ÷) ok 😫🐯 t. Huhahahhahahahahahhahakskksksk☺☺☺$8*/$£#

  17. Or formula or superbike sport car was only with what i didnt win any time

  18. I can beat hot tarmac on 16 sec:D

  19. My supercar level is 121⚡

  20. Superbike is the best vehicle in this event

  21. Formula is better in fast lane vereshak u are a very good player

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