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Hill Climb Racing 2 – SUPERBIKE Update GamePlay Walkthrough

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Superbike in Hill Climb Racing 2
The fastest bike on the streets

Hill Climb Racing 2 New Vehicle SUPERBIKE
Hill Climb Racing 2 1.21.0 Update
Hill Climb Racing 2 Legendary Superbike

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From the Creators of the Original Hill Climb Racing Comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It’s Bigger, It’s Better And It’s Much Much Funner!? 😉 Features: • Events – Live Competitive Events! • 🚗 Vehicles – Unlock vehicles and choose the best one for your playstyle • 🔧 Upgrade – Improve the engine, suspension, tires & 4WD of your vehicles • 🔧 Tune – 14+ Unique and upgradeable Tuning Parts • 🎩 Customize – Style your vehicles and character • ⛰️ Explore – Various environments with achievements • 👍 Great Graphics – Optimized for high and low resolution devices • 💗 Social – Challenge your friends in daily and weekly competitions • 🏆 Compete – Climb the leaderboards, win challenges and become #1 Vehicles: Motocross, Jeep, Formula and 9 more! Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to play but there are optional in-app purchases available. Remember that we’re always reading your feedback and are hard at work creating new vehicles, cups, features and of course fixing any bugs 🐛 you may find. So we’d really appreciate if you’d report what you like or dislike and any issues you may have with the game to support@fingersoft.net, please include your device make and model.

Hill Climb Racing 2 1.22.0


  1. Vereshak You project car or chill Climb racing

  2. Yes bro i love the super bike but the after burner devowers my fuel

  3. Omg!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😎😎😎🤗

  4. I like the super bike also I like you and your videos!:I like you more then the super bike

  5. Its 2 years of this vdo but comments are still alive

  6. I have superbike and it the best car in the game

  7. I upgrade ot but my money didn't get lost

  8. I like it but it was no sheaild type I cause during cave

  9. How do you get so many coins veresechak

  10. Almost 3 years after update release and remembering so good the old days 👍👍

  11. I always have superbike in hill climb racing 2

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