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Hill Climb Racing 2 Mountain 12366m
Hill Climb Racing 2 1.30

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Mountain
Hill Climb Racing 2 RACING TRUCK
Hill Climb Racing 2 GHOST RIDER
Hill Climb Racing 2 1.30
Hill Climb Racing 2 Walkthrough
Hill Climb Racing 2 Gameplay

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  1. Whoooww my is 5977 you beat me good continued

  2. Coooooooooooooooool😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙎❤❤❤💪✌👍going creator

  3. Mu record in the mountain is 4657 with the dune buggy

  4. Very cool with racing truck!! My record is 11,341 with Rally Car. Ya know finally pass the hard part then wreck on an easy part. 😂 Cool video and awesome record. Congrats!!

  5. Should have waited until, u got a daily chest to race for

  6. Man you are the best player in the whole I have seen . Can you please make a video on how to become a pro in HCR2 . You are a super ultimate pro

  7. Awesome dude. 👍😎. Does the flaming head use up fuel from the vehicle? And how do I get it ?
    Thanks for sharing,, Nitro November tips ?

  8. заехал где ранее не ступал протектор шин. красава че

  9. WoW. What to say except daaaaaaaamn gooood drive man.

  10. I’m [SB] PRO I love your Videos and I friended you on the game on hill Climb Racing 2 😎👍

  11. My record is 12348 meters with rally car.

  12. Oye regalame diamanted y oro y los pase vip porfavor

  13. I: How often do you have a record(world)
    Vereshchak: I always have a world record

  14. Is this really racing truck? I think this is monowheel))

  15. I'm beat you Vereshchak😁 i reach 13km in mountain with racing truck you can see in leaderboard!

  16. Truck skin was soo amazing😍😍

  17. Awesome I love super diesel and love rally car and this is right about in between

  18. I have made 7000 m with dune buggy in mountains . Dune buggy is awsom

  19. Racing truck and wheelie boost deadly combo

  20. My new record on mountain with Racing Truck!!
    It was crazy race, enjoy watching 😉

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