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Hill Climb Racing 2 – New Superbike Vs Supercar

Angelito VIDS
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Which Vehicle Is The Fastest??
Superbike Or Supercar


  1. i knew it because bikes are faster and lighter then cars

  2. Supercar is the best of all time

  3. super car can be the fastest but it is very bad for mountain areas like mountain bridges so superbike is the fastest.

  4. the supercar is faster but it takes training to drive it good the supercar is good for adventure and cups but the superbike is good on bumpy tracks the superbike is also has a little bit better launch

  5. supercar is not the fastest its the super bike these vehicles in the video are not fully upgraded if they were the results would've been different the superbike wins races much more than the supercar

  6. Super bike is better because it’s the same speed but it’s better on most tracks

  7. kindly please subscribe to my channel please says:

    SUPERBIKE!!!!!! Let's go😁💭

  8. Super bike world record kasi to eh

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