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Hill Climb Racing 2 – Beating BOSS with CHOPPER BIKE 🤩😱 (SHOCK)

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Chopper bike VS Superbike Who is Better? Gameplay Walkthrough
Challenge – I got 59.401s in Snow Castle. Check out how fast you can go:

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1) Rob Gasser – Ricochet [NCS Release]
2) Netrum – Any Closer [NCS Release]
3) Elektronomia – Summersong 2018 [NCS Release]

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  1. Why dont they add more levels?? Im sick of playing same levels again and again

  2. a day in the life of a conure and parakeet says:

    I really dont hlike the old hcr 1 head

  3. This song is like my mom song thanku for memory mom i miss him he die grave him go heavin

  4. Face reveal please please please please!,!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I know this is 5 months old but I just started playing hill climb again I’m just wondering do bosses still exist?

  6. Chopper VS superbike vereshchak champion 🏆 👍❤️😁

  7. Hi love the content! Do u mind if u tell me the songs in the video pls. Thx

  8. My favourite vechileis the chopper

  9. vereshcak is mega mega super in hill climb racing two

  10. Literally everyone
    pressing before starting the race


  11. Just now in 4 days I beat the nikita😎😎

  12. Have you got this before? A uncommon chest? Cuz I did.

  13. Music you had when you beating boss(MAKIE) challenge is very nice

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