Hill Climb Racing 2 - 81177m ELECTRIC CAR in DESERT | GAMEPLAY - ebikegames.net

Hill Climb Racing 2 – 81177m ELECTRIC CAR in DESERT | GAMEPLAY

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Hill Climb Racing 2 NEW DESERT world record with electric car gameplay
Thanks a lot Eric RR for the video, his channel:

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  1. The further, the worse. The developers have specially added this car for the most active kangaroos so that they can block everyone later when everyone has 100 km on each map. Shame

  2. Hi friend me bhi hill climb ki vedio dalata hu please mere view nahi badh

  3. I wish you to reach 1,000,000 subs quickly.

  4. He broke Jerry's world record with 3 meters!!!!!

  5. This is 100% the new best vehicle. Move over rally car lol

  6. ☯ [SN] Gentou Kisaragi Taijiya HCR2☯ says:

    Nice récords the World Bro 😎

  7. even the game don't know anymore, what to do
    the patterns are on loop
    kudos to eric
    but this car is just too overpowered
    whoever said, it will ruin adventure mode, was right
    not long till the 100k will drop
    and you just can wait for it, till FS will cut this car

  8. I am just happy that tom guy does not have record any more.

  9. My account has been banned Please help me I didn't cheat
    Pleas help my vereshchak 😭😭

  10. Vereshchak I don't have ninja skin I wonder when the ninja skin is coming back

  11. Vereschak is the best channel 😀 your good ^_^

  12. Can you look at your friend list in hcr2 and see if you have someone named NoobsTM|Alle (The TM in my name is small but i cant do the symbol on computer)

  13. Vereshchak you are the pro gamer of hill climb racing 2🔥🔥

  14. Basically you don't need fuel with this car

  15. А как можно на пустом баке проехать 1000 км??? Это читерство получается?

  16. Pls give 1 challange ccev with desert kangroo pls only request

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