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Hill Climb Racing 2 – 37062 points in REDLINE Team Event Walkthrough

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Hill Climb Racing 2 New Team Event Redline Walkthrough GamePlay 37 062 points – Superbike – Chopper Bike – Monowheel – Dune Buggy

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1) Netrum – Colorblind (feat. Halvorsen) [NCS Release]

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  1. Hi, Nice bro!!! I like it means that football!

  2. Who plays Hill Climb Racing 2, join my Alligators🐊 team. Be guided by the nickname CHAMPION and CENTURI, it will be seen. Come in, admission is absolutely free.
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  3. But you are the best team event scorer!!! So far!!!

  4. Ainda deu tempo de tirar uma onda com o outro Youtuber no final. kkkkkkkkkk'

  5. В чем фишка езды на заднем колесе, к примеру на том же багги? Хоть убей не получаеться.

  6. Всех уделал. Молодец.

  7. I used chopper with fuel canister and overcharge turbo only that and my chopper not fully upgraded only 50+ garage power in chopper and got 10.000 score yep and don't like football yep but miracle happen and boost the ball and to the goal yep

  8. bro iam divesh 30 in hill climb racing 2 i am champion 3 what is your team name

  9. Yo estoy en clan 💗💗 Team Chest 💗💗

  10. Every time I fly over that mountain in the 2nd one when I land perfect I crash?? It works ok for you

  11. Vershchak can you change your team to 2000 please so I can join your team

  12. Друзья добавляйтесь в активную команду Car racing 💪 наша команда в топ 1000 с рейтингом 7000+, ждем всех активных

  13. Apolleme subo video de hil clim rancig 2 apolleme soy nuevo

  14. How do you have that money to max all of your cars? U are 2 good at this game🔥

  15. i hate it when i always fail..and i love it if i scored perfectly..hehehe

  16. Vereshchak is video best and best youtuber

  17. Nice video vereshchak 👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀

  18. Unity 2 vs vereshcak? Is that your 2nd team or real one if its 2nd how did you do so much progress

  19. Vereshchak do you know Charizard

  20. I don't like soccer in team event but this is so good teamevent for me cause i had 3k gp and my score was 33 262

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