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Hill Climb | Impossible Climb La Bresse 2021

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One hill climb in combination with modified and very strong dirt bikes.. this is Montee Impossible France Hill Climb Championship. Finish line was at an altitude of 175,95 m. Vincent Mougenot (15,67 seconds) was winner of round in La Bresse for the fourth time in a row, second was Thomas Jolly (16,63s) third Julien Saporiti (19,96s).

The impossible climb is an individual motorcycle race where the competitor clashes with a natural coast, unpaved, extremely difficult (more than 45% in altitude in general), or deemed impassable. The goal is to get to the top as fast as possible or to climb as high as you can on the slope. Most often the machines used are prototypes.

Enjoy the video & thank you for watching 📺

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  1. Zajebista imprezka szkoda że u nas takich nie ma tylko chyba Francja i Niemcy z tego co sie orientuje

  2. Dyscyplina poj*bana jak "lato z radiem" – uwielbiam oglądać takie zawody ;-D

  3. I was gutted when this vid came to the end, could watch this all day, great production, regards UK

  4. Where's the two strokes? No wonder most don't make it 😂

  5. looks like a lit of momentum is need for the last section at the top.

  6. Я бы туда, на своих "Карпатах" заехал. 🙄🙄🙄😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😊

  7. Anybody notice the KX Tandem engine? @14.22
    The sound flagged it for me.
    Good Stuff Right There.

  8. That hill pretends it's a ski slope in the winter?

  9. What if I told you that you could climb this with just your body? Incredible piece of tec

  10. I'd use a 2 stroke that way you'd just hit the power band and stay in it

  11. It might be just me but it seems easier to get to the top this year? Maybe I have the wrong event. Great to see plenty of camera angles, great work.

  12. I’d love to come and watch this in person, well done on a great video, greetings from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  13. Le mec qui a perdu la protection de roue arriere m'a fait bien flipper

  14. A don't get why they mod there bikes to not go up hills a normal motocross would get up

  15. Props to camera guys for eating all that roost

  16. they should run smaller front tires, like a 14", then push the fork tubes up so the front end is way low, that will help with everything, especially that last bit at the top, keep that front end down

  17. Do those spikes ever come off during the run?

  18. The two jumps at the top of the hill kills any momentum. The riders could be starting from a dead start at the next to last jump and have the same results. Remove the jumps and make the hill steeper. It would be a more exciting finish to the top.

  19. stock 450- 500 small extentions would fly right over that hill , Them heavy engines spike tires soft dirt don,t work.

  20. kinda feel like I could do about as well on a stock 450.

  21. This just looks like fun! The dirt is really soft and bikes seem to tip over rather than coming back down the hill at you, so less dangerous than other climbs.

  22. Mas Dzakir king off climb Indonesia klo pakai ini gimana ya?

  23. I went with a friend to one of these in Muskegon Michigan a couple decades back. We had a blast. I like this better than Supercross today, (since the tracks are all the same, and the racers are all the same speed on them).

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