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Hill Climb Diaries – It’s the NATIONAL HILL CLIMB CHAMPS!

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Nationals is finally here and there’s nothing left for Joe, Jack and Reuben to do other than be nervous and enjoy the ride.

Did Jack choose the right gear? Does Reuben return to dairy after 3 months of being vegan? And does a freak hailstorm affect Joe’s ride? You’ll just have to find out in episode 9 of hill climb diaries.

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Thanks to Matt Grayson and Niall Paterson for providing photos and onboard GoPro footage.

Thumbnail photo credit Matt Clinton.

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  1. Awesome video guys and what a day it was on Pea Royd Lane! Great to meet you on some of the climbs this year too. See you on Hay Tor in 2019 👌

  2. Well done boys! Enjoyed this series immensely.

  3. You guys bossed it! Congratulations on your effort. This series was great fun.

  4. Feather is at the top of basically every climb in my area on strava.

  5. Great effort, gents!! I really enjoy your hillclimb videos. I’ll be looking forward to this time of year — every year!!!

  6. I second this question ' Ruben how have you found the Vegan diet earlier on you mentioned you didn't feel like you were recovering as well/quickly did you alter or change your food/training? What was your over weight loss? '

  7. I really want to bring this to the US. Typically how long are these climbs? 2k or so? Sounds like 3-4min long?

  8. Kudos for great videos! Last chance for questions? OK, this is a biggie, so it's up to you if you want to answer it. I've got an old 2015 Specialized Venge. I can't afford a new bike and I always ride hills (2000m of elevation in total) and do around 100km. If you were to try and make my bike lighter what would you replace and in what order, remembering money is an issue so I need bang for my buck. Any advice??

  9. Another quick question. How do the organisers record the times. How do the people at the top know what time you started your turn?

  10. Loved these videos boys! really like that they're not overproduced. Really watchable, same again next year?

  11. How do you find out about all the upcoming Hillclimbs and where? Thru word of mouth from your club?

  12. What do you eat on the morning of a hill climb (including breakfast and any pre-race nutrition)?

  13. I cant even barely ride 14%

    after this ive been staring at my bike, and i swear its laughing at me

  14. Excellent content lads, Thankyou kindly!

    Be a good boy Ruben- stay vegan!

  15. Next challenge: please do an Everesting Challenge (again). Love your productions – so much more entertaining and capturing than GCN/GMBN, CW, etc.

  16. Well done lads, a great season’s racing and very entertaining viewing!

  17. Unmissable series thanks and well done guys 😊😎😊

  18. What your bike fit set up like compared to your normal bike fit set up

  19. Well done Team BR, this entire series has been an amazing journey for you as riders, and for sure you managed to captivate your Channel's audience week after week. What's next? Nearly half mil subs, and counting.

  20. I've really enjoyed your enthusiasm and techncal expertise in the build up to the national shown in your videos.
    As for a training question, is there anything better than riding gradiants out of season on a heavier winter bike, so that power to weight instantly improves when the weather allows you to get back on the lighter summer bike?

  21. I doubt there's any real dairy in a greggs cream cake 😀 (delicious though)

  22. Get off the dairy man ffs you're killing yourself.

  23. Finally we see the mysterious Andrew Feather, holder of many a South West KoM….

  24. Have absolutely loved this series. Very much looking forward to the wrap up! Reckon you guys will do another series like this, apart from not hill climbs? TT perhaps?

  25. It's been great to follow you guys ! Congrats !

  26. Bloody Brilliant effort lads. Quick question, Who was the plonker that thought it would be a good idea to have the hill climb season in Autumn? Surely summer (hot & dry by British standards) would have been much better, for competitors and spectators alike.

  27. Best bike content on the internets – I look forward to next week and next season!
    Question – How much difference do you think the bikes made? What time/position do you think you would have got on a "normal" good bike, i.e. UCI legal

  28. Great series! Hope you do it again next year (with power meters). My questions would be regarding information for those looking to get into hill climbing – what sort of setups, budget weight gains, general training tips and maybe a response from each as to why you got into hill climbing in the first place?

  29. Awesome video! In the mood for a ride 🙂

  30. Great fun, well presented and informative.. with balls! Top stuff indeed..

  31. Why isn't the finish at the top of the hill? 😉

  32. Love these diaries,will you be doing the mam nick hill climb next year?

  33. Have really enjoyed the hill climb series. Terribly impressed with your commitment to it. Nice going, boys!

  34. Today's lock-down job underway – revisit the 2018 Hill Climb Diaries!!

  35. 'Hmm maybe i'll try and get a KOM on this hill near me'

    sees andrew's name at the top


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