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Hill Climb Andler – Schönberg 2018 | Huge Carnage by Jaume Soler

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The best Crash and Show at the 19th edition of the World’s toughest and hardest Enduro Hillclimbing Race in Andler-Schönberg (Belgium). Winner:
Enduro bikes: Roel Geurts (Suzuki #44) 99,2m
Special bikes: Stefan Gerstner (“Beta” #113) 92,3m
Best climb: Stephan Knein #54 104,3m



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  2. I bet you could buy a bike, or parts pretty cheap after one of these events.

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  4. These dudes will let go of the wall before they let go of their bike

  5. E brutto perché nessuno prende la moto e la moto si rompe e dopo nonna possono gareggiare

  6. You wanna use an old used bike for these hill climbs, could really do some damage to your bike

  7. Theres something quite hypnotic about watching this–if it wasnt for covid 19 id never of seen this–brilliant fun. thanks.

  8. This hill: im gonna end this mans whole career

  9. I want one of the bikes to hit the rocks on the way down do it makes it easier for the rest of the bikers to go out the hill

  10. C’mon guys. This is pathetic. Chuck Norris’ dad was at the bottom and his mom was at the top. He made the climb and was conceived that day.

  11. It counts if the bike is getting to the top without the biker?

  12. On the red bicker he knocked over the rope guard I was launched my head of😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  13. Now I ride hard enduro and ive always been so taught to stand up! Why are the sitting?

  14. Wouldnt it make sense to have some sort of net to catch the motorcycle?

  15. awww man can i have the leftovers…?

  16. that one guy who had the little one he had one that sounded like a fart

  17. The repair shop near the venue must be making good business

  18. A quad could get up that bc it wont slip on the rocks as easy

  19. Those who make it/nearly make it heavily weight the front and are standing straight up.
    Why doesn't everyone do that?

  20. 0:20 „selling my slightly used KTM which I used to ride to church“

  21. These people care more about there motorcycles than there lives XD, cant blame them

  22. 2.40, She has about 1000 times as big balls as I have !
    Respect!!! 👍

  23. why do some try knowing they dont stand a chance as they have no knollage or riding experience

  24. 1:30 Respect for the guy who put himself in harms way trying to save the bike.

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