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Hill Climb Andler – Schönberg 2018 | Huge Carnage by Jaume Soler

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The best Crash and Show at the 19th edition of the World’s toughest and hardest Enduro Hillclimbing Race in Andler-Schönberg (Belgium). Winner:
Enduro bikes: Roel Geurts (Suzuki #44) 99,2m
Special bikes: Stefan Gerstner (“Beta” #113) 92,3m
Best climb: Stephan Knein #54 104,3m



  1. Now I would try it if my bike was stricken with incurable cancer and had no hope but otherwise
    I would never hate it enough to put it through this .

  2. 1:30 Respect for the guy who put himself in harms way trying to save the bike.

  3. why do some try knowing they dont stand a chance as they have no knollage or riding experience

  4. 2.40, She has about 1000 times as big balls as I have !
    Respect!!! 👍

  5. These people care more about there motorcycles than there lives XD, cant blame them

  6. 0:20 „selling my slightly used KTM which I used to ride to church“

  7. Those who make it/nearly make it heavily weight the front and are standing straight up.
    Why doesn't everyone do that?

  8. A quad could get up that bc it wont slip on the rocks as easy

  9. The repair shop near the venue must be making good business

  10. that one guy who had the little one he had one that sounded like a fart

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