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Hill climb Andler-Schönberg – 2007 – 2017 They made it (or nearly) !

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The best of the Andler hill climb from 2007 -2017. Watch the heroes : they made it (or nearly).
Some of the biker are getting up the hill. Some others did, but I coul not film all of them .
Have fun watching these heroes !


  1. Was soll diese kack slowmo Wiederholung die ganze Zeit? Nervt einfach

  2. Does anyone know how this actually started cause I just imagine some guys riding and one says I bet I can make it up that hill and it just snowballed from there

  3. Lesson: if you want to reach the hill buy an old cr500

  4. I only seen one guy that actually made it!! Throwing ur bike up the hill is not making it! Feet on the pegs over the top is how real men do it

  5. Jangan nonton gituan terus nonton geng abs dan subcrib

  6. Jangan nonton gituan terus dong nonton geng abs chanel yutub anda sudah saya subcrbe jangan Lupa nonton geng abs dan jangan lupa subcrabe

  7. Their huge swinging nuts made it possible to keep bike balanced on way to top!

  8. Why the hell all of them lean backwards instead of frontwards to bring the COG in front of the rear wheel…

  9. It looks like they use different spots. This is easier than the other one I saw that had two big rocks at the start of the rocky area and was impossible.

  10. Why they gotta have some dude standing there with a rope across the end

  11. i wondering how much they got a prize for this event

  12. RIP Andler Hill. Only 10 years old, God took him from us too soon. He would have been one of the best motocross guys in history

  13. It's funny how the. Almost everyone made it to the top but now it's nearly impossible with newer bikes but old bikes were better

  14. Wie kommt man eigentlich auf die Idee, in ein fahrendes Motorrad reinzugrätschen? Autsch

  15. I've always said a 500cc 2 stroke is all it needs..

  16. Most Bikes only get one chance at the hill nowdays and then demolished, That hill wasn't s**t back then compared to 2020

  17. 3:46haaaaaa!!! rhaaaaaaaa!!!😂hardkor jak huj a komentator się zesrał z zachwytu .to chyba honda cr 500

  18. All it is now is a bike destroyer. They need to dump some loose clay down
    It to make it better. It could still be really hard to do it's just not any fun to watch unless you enjoy most of the bikes getting completely wrecked.

  19. 2:35….I was beginning to lose hope that anyone had ever done it! Now I am a true believer!

  20. look at the 2007 hill vs the 2019, the 2019 is basically slates of rock at the top! shows how much dirt has been torn up from the bikes over the years.

  21. Orange is a very lucky color for this hill climb

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