Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018 - ebikegames.net

Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018

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Watch the spoiler-free full broadcast of the Harley-Davidson Snow Climb at X Games Aspen 2018.


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  1. I remember watching the first ever winter x games with shity homade sleds and downhill mountain biking and amateurs!

  2. There is no BIG HP with a v-twin. Especially a Harley.

  3. Well, to make it usable they removed alll most all the Harley

  4. this is extremely not impressive and boring to watch

  5. Up next watermelon rolling downhill while riding a surfboard lol

  6. it is actually boring compared to hillclimbs on the classic hills

  7. Harley paid to have an event where they repeatedly tell the viewers that the only Harley out there is the motor. “Here’s an event that’s completely impossible to do on a bike that we actually make”

  8. They're building the frame around the engine….no shirt sherlock lol

  9. My man will get some leg tonight for sure. I love Montana and live 8hrs north of Billings .What a state.

  10. And to think that someone is tired of hittin that

  11. 15 seconds of racing and 10 minutes of blabbing.

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