Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018 - ebikegames.net

Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018

X Games
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Watch the spoiler-free full broadcast of the Harley-Davidson Snow Climb at X Games Aspen 2018.


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  1. 10 minutes video for two races, each 10 seconds…

  2. тупость какая то) у меня пипка больше)))

  3. 基本的にはアメリカ嫌いだけど、こういうことを心から楽しめるセンスと土壌があるアメリカは好きなんだよなぁ

  4. good idea to make the same killswitch for myself and stay alive))

  5. тю блять,я на своей альфе 50 кубовой еще плюшку зади по снегу тягаю с детьми на обычных колесах, а не эти ели едут на спец. покрышках

  6. ну и херню же я только что посмотрел, рукалицо просто

  7. X GAMES HILLCLIMB is great although the commentator is not.

  8. What's next……Snow poker!!!
    This was just silly!

  9. Should be called Harley Davidson bikes because honestly they aren't anymore. Maybe bits n pieces are but that's it.

  10. 48 years old with 38 years of hillclimbing experience? Umm I don't think so…

  11. I feel like I'm far more impressed with the machine and who built/designed it over the rider. Like good job man you drove straight up hill with nothing in your way.

  12. The fact that this is part of X-Games but things like Inline Vert are not just absolutely blows my mind.

  13. Come on we can't hate on these guys. Obviously Harley Davidson threw a lot of money at this. Its Harleys fault we have this instead of things deserving.

  14. Мотоциклы ваши – говно, и баба страшная!

  15. Harley inspired perhaps. The only thing Harley about these bikes is they have a V-Twin.

  16. Did I just watch a straight line race.. add some turns and it’ll be interesting

  17. imagine me with my hand shaped into an "L" held against my forehead. I hear the next event will be the Betty Crocker pancake flipping event, its extreme.

  18. Dang why so much hate? I mean yeah they're not doing anything nuts, but those bikes are badass. I'd like to have a rip on one of those.

  19. 15 seconds of racing and 10 minutes of blabbing.

  20. And to think that someone is tired of hittin that

  21. My man will get some leg tonight for sure. I love Montana and live 8hrs north of Billings .What a state.

  22. They're building the frame around the engine….no shirt sherlock lol

  23. Harley paid to have an event where they repeatedly tell the viewers that the only Harley out there is the motor. “Here’s an event that’s completely impossible to do on a bike that we actually make”

  24. it is actually boring compared to hillclimbs on the classic hills

  25. Up next watermelon rolling downhill while riding a surfboard lol

  26. this is extremely not impressive and boring to watch

  27. Well, to make it usable they removed alll most all the Harley

  28. There is no BIG HP with a v-twin. Especially a Harley.

  29. I remember watching the first ever winter x games with shity homade sleds and downhill mountain biking and amateurs!

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