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Event 8 – Bike Repeater – 2020 CrossFit Games

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The final five men and women have emerged from Stage 1 to battle for the title of Fittest on Earth. Tune in to the final stage of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games right here.


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  1. I admire Adams. She's so young and almost the same age as me! I tried to do CrossFit but I can't do barbell snatches and I'm so bad at aerobics

  2. I like the idea of this event though it was a bit boring to watch…

  3. Can Matt Fraser hold on ?

    Me: of course he can… 😒

  4. Well them commercial breaks or whatever can go, remember that

  5. Anybody thought their Bluetooth connected when the sound went out? 👀😏

  6. If Toomy and Matt had a kid, it would be captain america.
    'left, left'

  7. Must be the worst event in Crossfit history? Love The Games, dislike this.

  8. Matt Fraser hitting the third grade bike drift around each pylon

  9. Why did Toomey have a different bike from the others? Shouldn't they all be the same?

  10. Such a dull era of Crossfit! It's a foregone conclusion that Mat and Tia will win, no one any near them. Look forward to some competitors actually being able to break this dynasty

  11. one wonders how much gear is being taken here

  12. Brooke sucks, but hey at least she has lots of IG Followers lol

  13. Man, the rest of the guys are there for nothing. There is no competition, it seems like they never trained. They just went there to look good and post for the cameras.

  14. One of the worst cross fit games. I drink beer and all and I feel like I can compete with these guys. Madeiro should be beating everyone. He is the youngest, come on man!!!

  15. Look all those people who don’t give a shit about covid lol my people

  16. They chose an awful time to play Brookes mini documentary video

  17. Damn all these crossfit people look like they never have ridden a bike before…..and yes i know they are riding on grass but it still shouldn't be/look that hard.
    i think it is so odd that crossfit keeps adding sports……at some point the participants will have to play a 90min Football game(for you americans SoCcEr), play 4 quarters on basketball with 12 mins each quarter and then they will have to do horseback obstacle course, all in just 1 day…..it is just absurd. just stick to your weird kip ups, bar swings and bad lifting form and leave the other sports out of it '-_-

  18. Trampa…Fraser pasó la meta con el temporizador en 12:56 segundos…y Adler en 12:56 segundos, de hecho se ve en la imagen y en el reloj de atrás, y le pusieron 13:07 segundos, es decir como si Fraser hubiera ganado por mucha ventaja, situación totalmente FALSA.

  19. Anyone else think it silly they’re wearing helmets to bike on grass?

  20. Is it annoying for the Americans when they create an event for Americans and an Australian is leading .

  21. 58:38 looks like Adler is riding in soft grass , harder to ride on .

  22. Watching this once again bc i can't getover the fact that this was the last time we saw mat compete 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. Why do they need to wear helmets? It's flat, straight grass

  24. All I care about is what bike do they use🤣🤣🤣. Got a side tab to check the specs.

  25. I cant believe how world level athletes do not know how to jump on bicycle in an efficient way. Most of them almost stop and then they cave to pedal up from stand still. Loosing at least 2 seconds every time. and they seem not to use speed shifting once they come to turning point from looks of how difficult it seem to accelerate.

  26. The men didn't get off their bikes going into the turn. Why?

  27. Why do they wear a helmet on a straight bike sprint on grass but nothing when throwing 200lbs+ above their heads?

  28. Rumour has it they forced Matt Fraser into retirement so people could consider this a competition again.

  29. Noah had his seat way too low, maybe too much glute action needed

  30. The fact that Tia and Mat are training partners and they are both so far ahead of their peers is scary. They are clearly doing something right at their gym!

  31. Brooke wells. “Fittest I’ve been in my life…” …. ends in last place. 😂

  32. Adler wants to win this one since he lost in Event 7 which he was suppose to look back and look down on Fraser. The only event he won by 7 lbs lead was his impressive deadlift. The rest boohoo for him

  33. Literally the Toomey is killing them on the transition onto the bike lmao .. everyone else is sitting on the bike and THEN peddling, such a waste of energy building up the initial speed on grass

  34. Poor Bill didn't get this event right " It's all bike and Katrin" turned out to be the rope and almost anyone BUT Katrin and Haley is not a kid at 18 she qualifies as an adult — I'm sure Bill will improve or he'll finish last

  35. Matt needs something more than this. This is a game for him. Same with Tia. They should make a harder type of Crossfit Games for people like them. I'm sure there's someone out there better than Matt and Tia.

  36. Commentator was proven wrong and that’s unfortunate lol

  37. Don't get me wrong- I am a fan of Brooke Wells. I think she is a great competitor and an absolute freak athlete. That being said, the 2020 games definitely exposed her weaknesses. I am excited to see how she does in 2021.

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