Driveclub Bikes Gameplay With Bike Games Chat -

Driveclub Bikes Gameplay With Bike Games Chat

Team VVV
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presents some gameplay footage of the Bikes expansion for Driveclub along with a chat about the bike games already released this year and those we can look forward to in the near future.

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  1. Is there going to be any coverage of 'Road Rage' by team6? Cheers! ☺️

  2. brilliant video and I've got a lot of bike games to look forward to I didn't know there was a few coming out this year so I'm very happy 😁

  3. Question.Does it worth it,to Buy a PS4 for Driveclub?

  4. how is the handling in this game? It looks great but i want to know how reaponsive it is

  5. It's been more like the year for Milestone games…. they've really been farting them out this year.

  6. drive club bikes looks better than any other bike games ever

  7. The sole purpose of this game is to advertise bike stuff, and it should be priced accordingly. Milestone just retextures the same game over and over, and they are all weak. If they want to get serious about bike games, they need a proper peripheral to address how motorcycles handle, and how fundamentally different they are from cars.

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