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Extreme ATV Hill Climbing was one of my favorite things to do growing up. So when I heard the Quad hill climb and Dirt Bike hill climb guys were coming back for an ATV hill climb competition at Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee I was pumped! ATV Hill climb racing is a test of man and machine. This group of hill climb quads and dirt bikes ranged from 2 stroke to big bore 4 stroke and were ready to do battle on the Bikini Bottoms Hill Climb. Let us know in the comments what you think of this Extreme Hill Climb.

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Watch these guys climb in Ohio-

Thumbnail by Black Dog Photography

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  1. at 0:21 Guy in the back says "Stop trying" right when the guy catching the ATV finally stopped it. life lesson believe in your self and don't let other people tell you what you can and can't accomplish.

  2. You know what they say. Those who can't ride a dirt bike ride a quad. Aka fatties

  3. i cant believe they had them beautiful banshees on them hills

  4. What an idiot trying to grab the quad!!!
    Like he is going to stop it from tumbling!

  5. 6:19 could’ve made it but they hit in his way in my opinion

  6. worst part about riding a quad is having to tell your family that you're gay. ha ha. burly hill and riders..

  7. Not ready for that yet 😀😀😀😀😀. Love watching it though.

  8. I think it counts. He rode it to the top. If he stopped in the middle and then rode the rest of the way up it would count.

  9. You even angled the camera to make the hill look steeper and I've gone up steeper sand hills than this

  10. Whatever they’re paying the bike grabber, ain’t enough.

  11. Would love to try it too bad I don't hesitate a quad

  12. One of my favorites adam cook just giving her the salt and pepper on the bike just loving hosa

  13. Most people won't know this, but the dude with the Cheerios shirt on and the feather in his helmet goes by the name Preacher. One of the nicests and badass dudes I've ever had the chance of wheelin with.

  14. They mainly watch to see machines tumble down

  15. God that guy on the black and white raptor is a hell of a rider shit… guy knows his bike.

  16. 6:38 is the clear winner. Damn. A good rider on a 700 raptor just kills

  17. Props for the big guy That saved everyone lol and also props to the 67 year old grandpa. Also for the guy on the dirtbike

  18. Wayy more fun to watch than ppl doing "water wheelies" stupid shit ever. This takes talent and balls. Something these new offended generations dont have. Look at the age group here and the age group of these morons sinking quads.

  19. That’s kinda dumb I would do it though that guy getting dragged buy the quad good job lol 😂

  20. Most of these people have no clue what they are doing lol

  21. For that raptor in the intro being stock he did pretty fun good I think

  22. Also is it just me or are the quads more entertaining

  23. From the dudes attempting it to the dudes wrestling to save the quads have balls of steel. Mad respect from Southern California

  24. Диз за повторы видео

  25. I want to try it, but I also don't want to try it..

  26. Found me a new channel skin!! One more sub

  27. An ATV is ideal for riders who will be taking leisure rides and want more out of their vehicles. It can come in handy with various tasks such as handling heavy equipment.

    Dirt bikes offer the promise of thrills and incredible memories. If you are adventurous, a dirt bike can satiate your hunger for dangerous pursuits.

    A dirt bike is also a better choice for people who would like to venture into professional racing. The most mindful thing you can do on either is to be safe and follow the law.

  28. Damn This hill is dope asf i would love to send it up this hill

  29. what is the average length swingarm theses atv's are using for hill climbs like this?

  30. Guy at the beginning was a straight up trooper, hope he didn’t get hurt badly

  31. Glad the guy on the Kfx 450r made it. People usually hate on those machines. I own one and I think they might be better than other 450s. I’ve never owned other types of 450s but I want to get a trx. People praise the shit out of it and I’d like to see if it performs better or worse then the Kfx. Also I won’t go away without paying my respect to the brave soul rescuing the quads that didn’t get through that hill climb.

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