Cycling in a Winter Wonderland ! Spectacular Weekend of Climbing in the Lake District -

Cycling in a Winter Wonderland ! Spectacular Weekend of Climbing in the Lake District

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Happy 2022! Wishing everyone a very healthy and fun new year. Today’s video charts a spectacular weekend in the Lake District – reminding me that there will be many amazing rides over the next 3-4 months. Sit back and enjoy the scenery, plus some basic cycling survival skills, courtesy of the Legend that is, Lee Baxter!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful views, but I'm feeling the cold through the screen… brrrr….. I would be properly scared descending on those cold and wet roads…

  2. Bringing your A-game straight in to 2022 mate 😍 winter motivation can be hard but on days like that, can be Britain at its most beautiful. Loved the adventure element, Lee is so intrepid 😂

  3. Beautiful scenery, very lucky with the weather.

  4. Daren Chandisingh - Faster After Fifty says:

    Reminded me of Johnny Nice Painter from The Fast Show. Blue! Blue! Blue! Like the endless blueness of the ocean that leads to the cavern of doom! 🤣

  5. Great video Phill 👍🏻 Some absolutely stunning scenery. Ashamed to say I’ve never ridden there even though it’s not too far away from me. Deffo have to get there this year.

  6. Another exquisite video. Excellent editing and commentary. I love your beautiful country. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  7. Bear Grylls? Where’s drinking your own urine? Anyway happy new year Phil and that last bit should be cake eating without mercy.

  8. A great Crimbo ride in the Lakes, fantastic scenery, and some doorstep cakes and some coffee to finish 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Nice! Lee’s a good guide for those Lakes rides. Those roads look way smoother than my local Glasgow roads…jealous 😀 Great video!

  10. It won’t be too long Phill, before you’ll be living in the Lake District full time. Again another stunning video. Happy new year.

  11. A video to do the stunning scenery justice. Perfect cycling weekend.

  12. Thank you, blue skies /no wind 👌 looks truely breathtaking and makes you feel glad to be alive (although I can only imagine that wind chill factor 😬😳) Pros/Cons. You both deserved every KG of those cakes 😂😜

  13. Happy New Year Phill , he's to another year of great content , Ironman Lee good luck to his 2022 goals 🏊🏃🚴💪

  14. HNY Phil. People say it’s grim up North……it’s pure heaven. Great video. Keep em coming 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️👏👏

  15. These are my local cycling routes. You were VERY lucky with the weather at this time of year! Not sure about Lee's water sourcing. His immune system must be top notch.

  16. Another great video, made even better by the Sigur Ros soundtrack!

  17. Stunning video to start the year🏆🥇What a guide and companion Lee is🔝Looking forward to more like this in 2022. Look after yourself. Best regards Martin

  18. Great video as always Phil, glad to see you had spectacular weather. What was the name of the cafè towards the end?

  19. Another great video and what can you say about the weather and the views this is why we cycle

  20. as the other fellow said. water (running or not) like a fellow selling phones out of his car boot: not to be trusted. you can get a filter. not cumbersome. not expensive. takes no time.

  21. What a fantastic first vlog for 2022 Phill. Riding in winter on sunny days can be absolutely phenomenal. And those hills will soon get the blood flowing and the body warm. Though it's always a bugger trying not to over dress or under dress in winter. It really is a fine balancing act.

  22. Great video! What a beautiful place!

  23. Lee and Phil majestic in their blue and gold surrounds floating above a sea of clouds on the highway to the sun. Spectacular imagery and biking guys. 🌞😀

  24. The views at 7:50 awesome, who would have thought the Lakes would offer such riding quality even in December… great stuff Phill! A few more hill reps needed after that orange cake at the end 😅

  25. majestic looking scenery and great vid as always, nice one Phil. Was wondering, I take it you don't too care much for clip on mudguards, i use the sks race blades but they can rattle a bit (jst i see the roads were damp) Also do you do the whole winter bike thing? HNY to you as well ☺

  26. Cracking vid very inspiring to get out and cycle in the lakes, my fav spot is Forest of Bowland not on same level as the lakes however very scenic

  27. beautiful landscape Phill, the huge slices of cake are merited to start the year well!

    I wish you and Jayne a very happy 2022!

  28. 16:18 I did notice Lee with gloves on in this video and thought to myself; Lee really has softened. Must be that triathlon bug he has caught 😜
    11:24 Lee… I think he's broken. Somebody better clip this part for future reference. 😛 #BLUE
    What a day for a bike ride, and those views… So many of them even! Absolutely breathtaking!

  29. Love your Lakes vids mate, really capture the feel of riding these great climbs. Keep them coming! Can't wait to get back to Langdale valley

  30. Storming into 2022 with a cracking video. Loved the stunning views and the banter, those cakes were 3 times the size of anything round these parts! Happy new year Phil & Jane 🙂👍

  31. Amazing views and video Phil, the lakes at it's best, i lived there for a while, i much prefer seeing you enjoying this than suffering up a virtual Alpe!! Keep enjoying Phil

  32. Happy new year Phil. Nice video though the ice makes me anxious after a bad spill in 2010. What a year you've had. Amazing stuff. I've ridden 4 times since hospitalisation with Covid in Sept. Working hard at the gym at the moment with an aim to get my single speed out next week weather pending. My turbo has remained unused this year but I continue to look in and be inspired and again thanks for that. Let's see how 2022 shakes down. Best regards. Pete. 👍❤️

  33. Terrific video and scenery. Really looking forward to visiting Lake District now. Kudos to you heading out that early in the morning. Thanks for sharing Phil! Happy New Year!

  34. I reckon people usually reroute to avoid the struggle, not reroute to go up it haha!

    Happy new year to you both!

  35. Wow Phil and Lee amazing views on this one.. well done guys 👏

  36. Super video… Inspirational again, beautiful place, real showcase for cycling this time of year!!

  37. Simply beautiful. Inspiration indeed. Thanks Phil.

  38. A chilly ride with chipper chaps chatting about cycling and cycling courses to cruise and conquer with commanding country chilliness but with coffee and considerable cake at the cusp of classic BRWM content……..

  39. Ah hoppipolla takes me back to being a student a long nights in the library 🙃

    Super cool to be in the Lakes on a inverted cloud day.

  40. That vlog made me real jealouse:-) To see thoose views and sitting up here in the North( Norway), with 40 cm with snow outside. I'm looking forward to the spring right now… Great vlog as always Phill 🙂

  41. Fabulous video and amazing views. What a world to ride in, Phill.

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